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Haywire For The Haymarket Check

Has it gone haywire for Burberrys Haymarket check?

For those of us who buy authentic handbags by the original designers, its really kind of hard to hear that when designers are facing a potential infringement on their designs, creations and hardwork. This is happening to Burberry at this moment. Chinese authorities have revoked the British label’s Tartan Trademark Protection. This means, that the current counterfeiting of these handbags and wallets will be legal and there will be no ramifications for those who create these counterfeit items.

Burberry has currently filed an appeal and the changes won’t take affect until the appeal has been heard and per reports for the reason for China’s high court rulings on the issue is because the label hadn’t used the plaid check enough in the past three years.

But what confuses me is that regardless of the usage, the trademark is theirs and  the label should not have to protect their original design from others trying to capitalize off of another ones  gain. Consumers pay to have the original design because they know it comes with quality and made with real leather and hardware.

Hopefully things will eventually straighten themselves out and Burberry, along with other luxury high end designers will no longer have to fight to keep their designs trademarked and protected.


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