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Gemma Stafford | Interview | April 2014

FRONT cover girl Gemma Stafford is slowly but surely making a name for herself within the world of fashion and beauty. We caught up with her to discuss her current beauty must-haves and what advice she’d give to aspiring models.

Source: Brend Trend Photography

FRONT cover girl Gemma Stafford is slowly but surely making a name for herself within the world of fashion and beauty. Not only has the 23 year old been modelling constantly for the past three years, she’s also worked as a make-up artists for various different shoots and music videos.

Opening up to Hit The Floor about her past, present and future, we caught up with Gemma to discuss her current beauty must-haves and what advice she’d give to aspiring models. Here’s what she had to say.

HTF: Hi Gemma. For our readers who don’t know you tell us a little bit about yourself.

GS: I’m 23, recently moved to London to work freelance as a media make-up artist and model. I’m really into all different types of creativity and get inspiration from everywhere! I love 1940/50s vintage glamour also.

HTF: Have you always wanted to be a model? 

GS: Modelling was something I kind of fell into. I was actually a bit of a tomboy when I was younger. I also read a lot and wanted to be a librarian, so I could read all of the books, when I was really little! It wasn’t something I ever aspired to do until I was 20 and posed for a photographer friend’s portfolio. It kind of went from there!

HTF: So what’s been your favourite job to date?

GS: Definitely my FRONT magazine alt girl cover shoot that was out last January. It was such a fun day with a lovely team.

HTF: Do you feel people judge you because you model for publications like FRONT?

GS: I’ve not had that much negativity to be honest. I tend to keep to myself and just do what I enjoy. People have their right to have an opinion but I have the right to choose whether I want to hear it, you know? Modelling for me is about empowering women and putting out a positive body image vibe. There was an instance when I first started modelling where a couple of girls were extremely horrid about me online, but I think that’s a reflection of themselves, not me. In reality 99% of people are really lovely and supportive.

HTF: With all that in mind, what’s the industry like? Is it competitive?

GS: You need a tough skin and a good head on your shoulders. It’s highly competitive. The most important thing is to have a good attitude. I’m all about manners! No one wants to work with someone that is rude. Modelling for me has always been something that I enjoy doing on the side really.

HTF: You’re also a makeup artist. How did you start doing that?

GS: I studied make up for film and TV at University. I was also working on music videos at the same time, as I started working with a director. One job led to another and I met more and more contacts. I absolutely love my job. I love being on set more than anything!

HTF: What are your current beauty must-haves?

GS: I’m obsessed with the Urban Decay Naked 2 and 3 palettes. Lime Crime Velvetiness Matte Liquid Lipstick is my ultimate favourite product. I live in red lipstick and Lime Crime’s lets me eat with it on without it ended up all other my food and face!

HTF: On the opposite end of the spectrum, is there a beauty trend/product that you would consider a complete no-no?

GS: I think it’s good to have a bit of diversity and for everyone to experiment with their makeup for them to feel themselves. I personally dislike the ‘Tudor Bun’ trend that was going around – but totally each to their own.

HTF: What about a trend you hope makes a dramatic comeback?

GS: I’d love it if everyone walked around with victory rolls and pretty dresses! Think Grease!

HTF: Finally what advice would you give girls who want to get into makeup artistry?

GS: Network. Try and build up contacts and assist as many make up artists as you can for experience. Also build up a portfolio and practice at home. You’ll probably have to work for free at first but it all counts and pays off in the end!

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Interviewer: Emma Matthews

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