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Fashion’s Biggest Disaster Returns With Vengeance

Why Bruce Willis is to blame for spurring on this hideous trend.


A ‘controversial fashion combination’ and ‘cultural phenomenon’, it seems there’s no end in sight for the horrific trending of socks and sandals – aptly named the ‘sad dad’ look. As excitement for the summer season creeps up and an imposing heatwave days away, the look is set to be dug out of it’s grave and revived once again. Yay.

Whether it’s your dad, uncle, grandad, or heaven forbid, your other half wearing it, nothing shrieks sirens of the fashion police like this heinous crime. So whether you weep in pity or rage at the mere sight of this so called, ‘style’, it’s time to face the fact that the look is putting up a good fight against extinction and is set to stay.

So with Bruce Willis the latest A-Lister to shamefully ridicule himself to the socks and sandals, his appearance signals to other men that it’s perfectly ‘hip’ for an older male to sport this look. Combining the footwear with a check shirt, blue jeans and a white top, if the 59 year old wasn’t quite the intended target for the Die Hard Series, he sure as hell is now!

But in true *ehem* fashion, it only gets worse before it gets better. With Debenhams reporting increased sales of brightly coloured Hawaiian shirts by 72% since the beginning of last summer, it seems bold and brazen shirts are the ultimate thing to complete the look, confirming that more and more men are resorting to comfort over style.

Debenhams store stylist Alain Mehada says: “We didn’t see it coming, but we should have done as there are fewer things more comfy than a solid sandal and soft pair of socks to stop them rubbing on bare skin. As for the shirts, who can resist a smile when someone walks past in a garishly bright short-sleeved top? It reminds people of holidays.” 

 “They reflect the catwalk style as seen in runway shows.” Mehada enthuses. No. Just, no.

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