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‘Don’t Risk Dudeness’ Veets Sexist New Campaign

There are so many reasons Veets campaign is just plain bad…for starters, shaming for shaving yesterday women! More here.

source: Adweek

Source: Adweek

Obviously we girls turn into chubby hairy men when we don’t shave after a day, damn it really is the worst! If our daily shaving routine is ruined by I don’t know being busy with things that are more important, then unfortunately we turn into blokes. Don’t mean to scare you off or anything, just a heads up!

Veet have launched a new campaign to get women to wax instead of shave, but the message coming across is so much more than and innocent ploy to get women to buy their product. It shames women into making them less of a woman and more of man if they haven’t shaved, after a day!

Now after a day it might be the case where our legs get a bit of stubble, but no way does anyone’s legs look like a wooly mammoth after that! This campaign, will clearly work on some people and perhaps bring back those stereotypes of women that we really don’t want to see return. Not only that but give men the excuse to shame women too. Not all men would of course, we won’t tar you under the same brush, but should we really risk it?

“Don’t Risk Dudeness” is just plain bad, some of us busy bodies don’t have time for a maintenance shower every day, and guilt tripping girls into an unrealistic model of how women are supposed to be is awful campaigning. Hopefully we won’t be seeing advertising like this again with the expectable negative feedback!

Let us know what you think of the new Veet campaign, do you agree with it?

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