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The Difference In Quality Between Designer And High Street Dresses

Having a passion for fashion is one thing; having the budget for it is quite another.

Source: Forever Unique

Having a passion for fashion is one thing; having the budget for it is quite another.  High street retailers
have long had a reputation for being able to follow and copy catwalk looks and supply on trend seasonal collections.  The rise of the disposable clothing retailer has meant that an extensive wardrobe full of the latest looks and colours has become accessible to all.

However, high street fashion has many disadvantages; because it is cheap and accessible, and indeed on every high street, there’s a carbon copy of a painstakingly put together look wherever you look. There are scant opportunities to dress like an individual when there are thousands of identical items out there. Even heavy customization with accessories can’t escape the same basic starting point.

Cost aside, high street fashion isn’t exactly known for its painstakingly detailed tailoring.  As sizes tend to be scaled up or down from a mid-point, unless the wearer happens to be that happy mid-point, the fit of the item will be poor.  Not only will sizing be off, but the finishing isn’t likely to be faultless either – high street clothing isn’t just affordable; it’s also the natural home of the gaping seam, the dropped them, the missing button, and the stuck zip.

It’s not hard to see the difference in quality between designer dresses and high street dresses.  The regular argument from high street flag-wavers is that you’re paying for exclusivity and the brand name, and there is an element of truth in that, as there will be far fewer identical copies in existence. Designer brands, however, will also have better tailoring, better finishing, and generally be made from better quality fabric. Designer stores also have a greater visual appeal.  Whether there’s theatrical opulence or minimalist clean lines, there’s less of the pot-luck jumble sale feel that many high street fashion retailers often unwittingly present.

Disposable fashion purchases are often a false economy.  The quality of leather used for shoes and bags is poor, and for classic items that won’t date, it’s worth opting for the designer option that will potentially have decades of use in it through sheer quality.  Clothing is less likely to endure, although cocktail and evening dresses, with the accompanying element of theatricality, aren’t as tied to the trends of the moment, and are worth spending more on.  It’s worth doing some research, and even investigating online outlets, as both choice and price are likely to be attractive with no decrease in quality, due to the lack of overheads with regard to physical premises and retail staff.

One frequent complaint against designer wear is that it caters for a very small spectrum of clothing
sizes. However, online retailers, such as Forever Unique, offer sizing from the very petite to plus size, opening up quality designer fashion to many more women than would be able to access it on the high
street.  Unless going to a specific plus size chain, even high street fashion choices are relatively thin on the group for these consumers, even though they are no less interested in fashion.

Online retailers also tend to gain a reputation for good customer care and customer retention for a reason – with frequent sales, offers, and free delivery, there is an incentive to keep coming back. When looking for something special, the high street can’t compete with an online designer retailer on price, choice, or quality.

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