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‘Bag Snob’ Blog Founders Launch New Brand

The founders of Bag Snob blog have created a new label called Snob Essentials and will launch their first range of handbags this week. Find out more here.

Source: HSN

Source: HSN

The founders of the blog Bag Snob are set to launch a new collection of handbags. Tina Craig and Kelly Cook run the successful blog Bag Snob which reviews and endorses designer handbags by labels including Givency, Dior and Hermès. Their knowledge and passion for handbags has helped them build a blogging empire and now the two women have took to designing under their own brand Snob Essentials. Their collection will debut on American shopping channel HSN on Thurday night.

When asked why they have chosen to debut on the channel, Craig said: “HSN is something [Artisan House] brought to us and it makes sense, because we’re known in a very small fashion blogging world, but we walk down the street and no one’s chasing us… HSN has a huge, 96 million viewership and they were willing to commit to promoting us and making that order, so of course we went with them and they have been so supportive.”

Source: HSN

Source: HSN

After running the blog for over nine years, Cook and Craig reckon they have seen upwards of 30,000 bags. The two women are sure to know a thing or two when it comes to high-end luxury bags and we bet their experience has made them more than capable of creating an amazing range.

The best thing about the collection is that it’s very affordable, despite the high-fashion feel. The most expensive tote costs just over £75.

Craig explains the pricing of the bags: “We’re changing the landscape of luxury… We’re offering a luxury product under $128 — it’s doable! I think it’s an insult to women to tell them you have to spend $2,000 to be considered chic, because money is not indicative of good taste.”

Snob Essentials launch their first range on May 15 on HSN. For more information visit

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