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ASOS Launch Erotic Accessories Range

ASOS is set to launch their first range of luxury erotic accessories by Gigi Noir. Find out more here.

Source: Glamour

ASOS have decided to add something new to their collection by launching the first erotic accessories range to be available on their website. Gigi Noir is the brand behind the accessories which will bring handcuffs, sparkly blindfolds and kinky collars to the online shopping giant. It’s a completely new category for ASOS, whose target market are young adults.

Gigi Noir is the diffusion brand for designer Holloway Smith Noir. This month the company launched  a social sexual responsibility campaign called ‘Ladies Come First’. The aim of the campaign is to help young men and women explore sexual issues such as consent, pleasure, confidence and communication.

Source: Gigi Noir

“The luxury erotic industry is geared towards an older more mature audience who are at a different stage in their economic lifetime. We believe young adults, also deserve access to high quality teasewear and this belief has lead to our collaboration with ASOS.”

The e-tailer must have been won over by the brand’s passion for sending positive messages about sex. If you are worried the accessories might be a little too 50 Shades of Grey for you then don’t fear, there is nothing dark or intimidating about them. The playful range features plenty of sparkly sequins, soft leather and even some Swarovski crystals.

Source: Gigi Noir

The collection will be available at the end of this month from ASOS. Prices range from £33-£57.





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