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Art Attacks Fashion With Stunning Consequence

Go east for an experimental blend of oriental fashion and high fashion culture.

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It’s always refreshing to find a brand who are independent enough to explore their own inspirations with an educated reasoning, rather than simply following the fashion trends. So imagine the excitement of discovering Daisy Darche’s new collection of eastern inspired clothing and eclectic styles.

A treasure-trove of kimonos, post-modernist clutches and geometric designs, Daisy Darche is the creation of Alex d’Arche, a bachelor of arts in History of Art and Archaeology of Asia and Africa. Fuelling her passion for the eastern culture, Alex matched her knowledge to textiles and designing for the label. Inspired by her travels and her love for nature, flora and fauna, Daisy Darche combines these qualities into a complimentary collection of bold, blocky colours and floating fabrics.

Running wild with imagination, the Daisy Darche collection shuns the norms of predictable fashion, mixing colours and shapes in tasteful creation. Undefined to any particular genre, this collections got all the right moves to get noticed.

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Bold and upfront, while retaining an elegance and composure through it’s soft tailoring and gentle blue tones, this Esther Jacket in Blocks Blue Print is an absolute favourite that would provide the ultimate finish to skinny jeans or block skirt. With the jacket saying all the right things, getting the finer details right ensures a classy but memorable look with a unique edge. At £595, this jacket is a dream…if only…

Further fuelling the injection of artistic influence to fashion, Sunita Mukhi’s designs embrace her Indian heritage and Maltese upbringing for a harmonious fusion of the two styles. The Amelie Envelope Clutch makes a statement for it’s eye design and gloss, patterned material. Available in red, green, turquoise and red, be prepared to work any outfit with this clutch bag. At £275, it’s pricey, but there’s no doubt it catches the eye and is match made for that outfit waiting to be completed.

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After a somewhat gentle display of the upcoming trends and designers parading their goods in Paris, London and New York, it’s reaffirming to see mainstream fashion embrace it’s eclectic and wonderful creations.

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