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Armani’s Got Sets Appeal

Armani have raised the bar in the style stakes as they broaden their creative horizon.


As if world class status in fashion design wasn’t enough, and the strings of boutique cafes, bars and nightclubs haven’t gained Armani enough recognition, they’ve crossed over to the dark side and gone and put their name on film set designing now – but my does it look a treat!

The film sets of upcoming thriller, Paranoia, have been stylised to high heavens by the Italian brand, who have worked closely with production designer David Brisbin to sophisticate their collections from the Armani Casa brand into lamps, sofas, tables and chairs suited to the swanky apartments and upmarket abodes of the film.

Speaking of their  movie-making experience with much enthusiasm, Armani stated,“Collaborating with David Brisbin on his vision for this movie provided me with the opportunity to showcase Armani Casa on film in a way that is absolutely believable and appropriate to the story.”

Drawing the finest names in fashion to the ‘Paranoia’ party, costume designer Luca Mosca is entrusted with designing the suits of Harrison Ford’s character, Jack Goddard. If Harrison’s costume expectations are anything to lead on, we’ll be waiting with anticipation to see what’s in store for the rest of the cast, including Liam Hemsworth, Amber Heard and Gary Oldman. 

So if Paranoia proves a success upon it’s August 16th release, should we expect more film credentials for Armani?

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