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The 17 Make-Up Tricks Every Girl Should Know

These gems are guaranteed to speed up your beauty regime and keep you in tip-top condition. Find out more here.

Armed with the ultimate beauty know-how’s and quick tips, these beauty tips will set you on your way to flawless beauty.

1.) Using a lighter, create liquid eye-liner from pencil liner. 

To create a softer, easier to use eye-liner, hold a Kohl pencil under a lighter for 15 seconds until gently heated for a liquid effect and smoky eyes, easy!

2.) Use white liner as a base coat before applying eye-shadow for better coverage and colour. 

To make a sheer or paler eye-shadow a bolder effect, apply white liner before the main shadow for a greater intensity.

3.) Draw the cat-eye flick before filling it in. 

Sketching the outline first gives a better line for a precise look.

4.) Use a spoon to draw a flick with eye-liner. 

Placing a spoon against the eye and in the route of the desired flick, simply trace the edge for a neat look.

5. A slanted hashtag makes for the perfect smokey-eyed look. 

On the outer corner of the eye-lid, pencil a slanted hashtag before smudging away across the lid for great coverage.

6. Use a spoon to avoid mascara marks. 

With the same spoon as before, place it above the lid before applying mascara and none will smudge onto the lid, voila!

7. Revive dry and flaky mascara with saline solution. 

You’re not supposed to keep mascara longer than 3 months due to risk of bacteria and infection, but if yours starts to lack oomph before then, add a few drops of saline solution to the mix.

8. Use a hairdryer on your eyelash curlers for greater effect. 

To obtain a longer lasting curl of your eyelashes, heat the curlers with a hairdryer before use to hold the look. Be careful not to let them get too hot though!

9. Apply a pale powder before mascara for more lash volume. 

For fuller lashes, add a dusting of translucent powder to lashes before applying mascara for a thicker effect.

10. Apply eye-lash glue to lashes with a fine hair grip. 

Apply glue to fake lashes with a thin hair grip to ensure they stay secure for all that dancing.

11. Make sure lip colour stays on with a tissue. 

Coat the lips in the desired colour, before gently pressing a tissue over the lips, then add pale colour to set the look.

12. Blend your own lip colour with vaseline and loose colour powders. 

Using eye-shadows or any other beauty powders, simply blend to a salve or petroleum jelly for a tailored tone.

13. Achieve the perfect cupid’s bow by drawing an ‘X’ to colour in. 

Draw an ‘X’ on your cupids bow top lip using lip liner, then using this as the guide, continue to colour.

14. Banish those dark circles with foundation triangles. 

With the widest part of the triangle right under the eye, the brighter colour in the problem area instantly disguises the darker tone with a pale colouring, hiding any indication of dark circles.

15. Don’t be afraid to try contouring. 

Using a pencil, pen or make-up brush handle, find your cheekbone line directly under the bone then apply bronzer or foundation for a structured look.

16. Use a gel eyebrow pencil to map the contours of your face. 

Easier to apply and smudge in, subtly mark in the distinctive areas with the eyebrow pencil and smudge in the tone.

17. Seize the opportunity to freshen up in the ladies room and blot away excess moisture with tissues. 

The tissue will absorb any natural oils on the skin and maintain any make-up stays exactly where it should.

At HTF, we’re kicking ourselves that many of these were just too obvious, why had we never thought of them before?!

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