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Ever Wanted To Eat Vegan Food In The Dark…In Las Vegas?

You don’t even know what’s on the menu!

Source: Official Website

We’ve all experienced it. You have that ultimate chunk of food on the end of your fork that’s been sent down by the vegan food gods, you take one last look at it before you close your eyes in preparation for the incoming taste explosion that’s about to turn your mouth into a flavour paradise, and then your face melts as every last morsel sends your senses wild. You are literally in food heaven!  – or something like that anyways.

For those people who love the sensory experience of eating, Las Vegas is now home to a fully plant-based restaurant where you literally eat in the dark; and we mean DARK!

Upon arrival at Black Out you will be asked to hand in all your electronic devices, or anything that can emit light, and then be led to your table to sit there in total darkness ready to stuff your face with vegan goodness. With the task of reading a menu being near impossible when you can’t use your eyes, the restaurant only provides a mystery menu for diners, meaning you don’t even know what you are eating. Certainly not your normal dining experience!

“The Dining in the Dark experience begins in a pitch black dining room where our friendly servers will guide and assist you to your table. Trust in our trained staff and allow them to lead you through your new dark environment. Once you have become acquainted with complete darkness, you’ll notice that it’s quite relaxing, your social awareness is heightened, and any shy feelings you may have had will quickly disappear. During your dining experience, you’ll feel your way through a five to seven course prix-fixe plant based meal, one course at a time. Each deliciously robust course offers a symphony of flavors and has been beautifully created to entice the taste buds and awaken the senses.”


“We offer a mystery menu for our guests to enjoy. This enhances the dark dining experience and created a lot of fun dinner conversation in the dark. The menu changes seasonally and is prix-fixe with multiple courses. Upon arrival, our hosts will take your allergy information before you enter the dining room. If you prefer, you can see the menu at the time of your reservation before you enter the dark dining room. Part of the BLACKOUT experience is to be introduced to new delicacies that most people have never been offered before. Our menu is exclusive and unique to our restaurant.”

Sounds pretty crazy huh? The food must be pretty good though as it’s currently the number 1 restaurant to eat on Happy Cow.

So next time you’re in Vegas for a party weekend and want to do something a bit different, you know where to go. Either that or stay at home, turn off the lights, attempt to get a mate to deliver the food to you without spilling it everywhere and once you’re done play some casino online. Anything’s possible with some imagination.

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