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Top Three Supplements to Help You Beat the Post-Christmas Slump

Indulged in a few too many proseccos over the festive period? Go into the new year feeling a little fresher with the help of these health supplements.

We’ve all been there: going in a little bit too hard on Christmas dinner, indulging in too many proseccos and passing out on the sofa more times than we’d care to admit throughout the end of December. With all of the indulgence that the holiday season encourages, it’s way too easy to fall into the trap of eating and drinking too much. Partner that with an irregular sleeping pattern because you’re not running on your usual schedule, and it’s safe to say that your body will be crying out for a bit of TLC by the time January rolls around.

The best way to make up for your overindulgence over the last couple of weeks is pretty obvious: try to eat more healthily, consider giving alcohol a miss for a while, and lace up your trainers.

For some of us, though, self-motivation isn’t enough to get us started. Just as scoffing down fruit and veg and guzzling on water will encourage your body to reset, adding a few select health supplements to your diet can give you a little boost. Not sure where to start? Here are three that the HTF team swear by to help them through… slobby times.


Best for: aiding sleep and easing anxiety
What it does: 5-HTP converts into serotonin in the body, working to stabilise your mood. This is the one for you if you’re struggling to get back into your normal sleep routine – particularly if pre-work nerves and stress are stopping you from nodding off.
Try it: Nature’s Bounty 5-HTP capsules

Balance Rhodiola Supplements

Best for: stress
What it does: This is a unique blend of supplements served up in one handy form from Solgar. It contains things like magnesium for relaxation, as well as its key ingredient, rhodiola, which is often dubbed ‘nature’s viagra’ due to its ability to increase resistance to stress and to boost your energy levels.
Try it: Solgar Balance Rhodiola Complex capsules

Milk Thistle

Best for: easing nausea and aiding healthy digestion
What it does: Milk thistle purportedly works to detoxify the liver, making it a great pick if you suffer from digestive issues or any sort of stomach discomfort. Lots of people swear by taking it before a night of heavy drinking to avoid being hideously hungover the morning after. Well, anything’s worth a try…
Try it: Schwabe Pharma Milk Thistle Maximum Strength capsules

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