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This Shoe Is The Most Confusing Thing Since #TheDress

The latest hashtag for mind-bending fashion is creating just as much confusion as #TheDress. Thankfully, there is an answer!

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 10.09.39

We’re sure choosing fashion shouldn’t be so scientific…so why has the latest online mind-bender got us more confused about coordinating nail varnish to our outfit than we thought ever possible?

An honest tweet from @totallymendes, asking her followers which shade of nail varnish to match to her shoes has generated a worldwide frenzy to solve the most confusing fashion query: which colour nail varnish best matches her BCBG shoes?!


It seems that while nobody can answer her #shoe dilemma, @totallymendes now has over 8,000 followers and 8.2k re-tweets in 2 days, but no solution. Tweeting her despair, she exclaimed: When I refresh I have 20+ notifications of people telling me which one to choose, and I honestly am more confused than I was before.”

The good news is that you can stop racking your brains and put down your nail varnish – the answer is… neither! The nail varnish is officially described by the makers, Sinful Colours, as shades of purple, whereas the shoes are recognised to be a magenta tone. However, if you really must demand an answer, the smarty pants of social media declare the shade on the right to be the most precise match, not the white shade @totallymendes gave up and opted for.

Images via Twitter

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