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The Perks of Being Single

An important reminder that it’s OK to be single. And probably better than being in a relationship anyway, let’s be honest…


Coming up to my yearly anniversary of being single, I have to say there are a lot of perks. Not only am I following the mantra of ‘treat yoself’ all the time without feeling guilty, but I can be as lazy as I want without feeling guilting about not seeing my invisible lover. It may SUCK seeing all your friends in long-term relationships, getting married and even having the ‘do we get a dog together?’ conversation, but here are a few pointers as to why being single is awesome.

You can dress up or down to your heart’s content

You have the option to look like a total babe to try to impress the cute guy you’re eyeing up, but if you can’t be arsed to look your best, you can totally get away with looking like you’ve just got out of bed. Who cares if you didn’t notice you *accidentally* had bean juice down your shirt?

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Food, food… and more food

Want that 3AM Maccie Ds? Subway, Chinese and KFC all in one day? Why the f*ck not! You can be a greedy bitch as you have no other half to keep in shape for. If you ever feel guilty for eating everything and indulging in nightly solo Netflix binges, you can always have a pamper day at your swimming pool. Swimming + sauna = bliss.

Being lazy to the max

When you’re single, you can get away with being as lazy as you want. This means that, when you want to ‘Netflix and chill’, you can binge-watch whatever you want and have that pizza to yourself. Each to their own, but I’d pick a cosy night in watching Teen Moms 2 over going out on these cold autumn evenings any day!

Now’s the perfect time to be a basic bitch

That f*ck boy ignoring you? Avoiding creepy 40-year-olds at the bar? Babe, I ain’t got time for that. Being newly single is the perfect time to get your inner sass out and take no shit from anyone. Who on earth wants guys ruled by their dicks taking advantage of you? If that’s not what you’re into, tell ’em straight that you ain’t no f*ck buddy. #sassybutclassy

Rolling in money

If there’s one rule I live by, it’s to ‘TREAT YO SELF.’ You don’t have to feel guilty about forgetting to buy your other half a birthday card, or not buying that stupidly expensive game for them. When you go on dates, there’s always the perk that males often tend to treat the girl with lavish meals, cocktails etc to make them feel masculine (haha). Which is probably the perfect excuse to be treated like the princess you are.

You can starfish to the max (yes, even in a single bed)

Best feeling ever: knowing you get the whole duvet and chocolate bar to yourself. And, while we’re on the topic of bedrooms, there’s also that awesome feeling of never having to clean up someone else’s mess… imagine! Or having to do all your make up again because your once-perfect eyeliner got fudged up by your other half moving about on the bed.

So, yes, even though there are negative sides to being single – like that creepy guy asking for nudes and taking screen shots – it turns out there are many ways to embrace your inner single-self to balance out those negatives. Now let me hear all you single girls holla that you are #sassybutclassy!

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