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Netflix Documentaries That Have Changed My Outlook On Food

With these eye-opening food documentaries, your Netflix binges could change your perspective, your shopping habits, your health… and maybe even your life!

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I usually use Netflix to binge-watch old Disney films or American TV shows. Lately, however, there have been loads of amazing new documentaries added to Netflix’s ever expanding list of things to watch. One genre of documentaries that I can’t get enough of is their huge selection based around food. I seem to have watched quite a few lately and they’ve really changed my outlook on food, both in terms of its production and how it affects not only local communities, but the environment as a whole. It’s also interested to learn how food has affected health epidemics over the years.

I’ve handpicked some brilliant food-related Netflix documentaries that are definitely worth your time. I’m not saying in any way that I’m now the healthiest person in the world, but these documentaries have definitely opened my eyes in regard to the food industry. They’ve changed my shopping habits and changed the way I think in terms of where my food comes from and how it’s made.


Hungry for Change

This documentary explores the idea that diets have been created to make money and, in reality, they don’t actually work. Lots of nutritionists argue that the food industry creates diets to guilt-trip people into feeling bad about themselves and their bodies. It highlights how food companies market their food as having ‘reduced fat’, but in order to make it taste nice they add lots of sugar, which is actually worse for your body. It made me realise that there aren’t any quick fixes to having the perfect body – being healthy is a way of life, not a fad diet.

fed up

Fed Up

Fed Up looks at childhood obesity in America. It explains that it is cheaper for families to buy sugary, processed food and suggests that governmental issues are behind the epidemic. It talks heavily about sugar in the food industry and explains the science behind its effects on the human body. It really changed my outlook on sugar and even though I knew it wasn’t good for you, I didn’t realise how bad it really is for you.


Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

An Australian man has been diagnosed with a critical illness but, after years of being overweight, not exercising and not paying attention to what’s best for his body, he decides that something needs to change. He travels to America and he takes the viewer on a juicing journey that really opened my eyes as to how important eating healthily is for the body. After months of eating pure, natural food, his illness was greatly improved. It really made me think about how food doesn’t only affect how you look on the outside, but also how it keeps you healthy on the inside.


Food, Inc.

This documentary focuses on the treatment of animals in the process of our food chain. This isn’t a documentary for the faint-hearted as there are some pretty graphic scenes involving the treatment of some animals. It seriously opened my eyes in terms of thinking about where my food comes from and has changed my shopping habits when I’m doing the weekly shop. It really does make a difference buying organic and free range meats, as the animals’ lives are so much better.

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