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Living Longer Can be as Easy as A-B-C

So, if you do nothing productive today besides making a brew and reading a book, you’re actually helping yourself (and your health) more than you might think.

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If it’s not one of the world’s top nutritionists inundating us with yet another diet that can help to increase our life spans, then it’s new research that, scientists reveal, the same food group is causing us life-threatening illnesses. I’m not sure about you, but here at The Closet we’re becoming increasingly confused over what’s good and what’s bad for us. We’re probably decreasing our precious life spans just by stressing out over all these thoughts in the first place!

If you’re reading this, then I already feel privileged that I could (potentially) be a contributing factor to the valuable extra seconds you’ve just added to your life. You’re very welcome. According to new research published in the journal Social Science & Medicine, people who read regularly live an average of almost two years longer than those who don’t read at all.

There are no specifics as to which types of books benefit us the most. So, whether you’re churning your way through Joe Wick’s latest recipe to make yourself ‘Lean in 15’, or eagerly awaiting the next collection of Katie Price novels (we’re not here to judge), you can at least feel safe in knowing that whatever you’re reading could, in fact, be a whole lot better than not reading anything at all.

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According to the aforementioned research, people who report as little as half an hour a day of book-reading have a significant survival advantage over those who don’t read. Stuck for time? There’s always time! Come on, think about it – the three 10-minute toilet breaks you’re taking throughout your working day could be better utilised…

The study also says that reading can effectively regulate human psychology. So all those bustling commuters that leave the latest copy of the Evening Standard or the Metro sprawled across the seats of the tube might not be as annoying and lazy as we thought, instead indirectly offering some life minutes for you to pick up and digest.

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