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Gym Goers: Where do YOU Fit Into the Equation?

From the guy wearing a wife beater (who reveals WAY too much side-boob) to the runner powering their way to Tokyo 2020, here’s a rundown of all the people you bump into at the gym. Where do you fit?

Sweat, blood and tears, for a lot of us, are what go into our fitness sessions… and that’s before we’ve even walked out of the door and headed over to the gym. More often than not, squeezing our feet into the opening of our shoes when we’ve been too lazy on the previous occasion to untie the laces, generally feels like a sufficient enough effort to end what was the almighty cardio session of stretching into our skin-tight Lycra leggings. But at least our butt looks good in them, right?!

We will all, no doubt, find all manner of excuses to stop ourselves from busting out some weights or churning out some cardio for our individual fitness-related reasons, targets and goals, whether that’s because we simply can’t be bothered, haven’t got the right gym clothes, or just feel quite intimidated by the whole thing. However, given the recent surge in the combined fashion and fitness industry forming the growing popularity of ‘athleisure’, we can always guarantee our clothing will be completely on point and that it’ll at least make up for our sweaty, unattractive hairlines. And as for the whole laziness side of things? Well, let’s just say we’d never get anything done if this was always our excuse.

We will see all manner of people in the gym – just check your Mean Girls map of the lunch hall and you’ll probably get a good idea of the different gym cliques that exist, too. From the wife-beater-shirted athlete (revealing more side boob than a woman breastfeeding) to the long distance runner on the treadmill at the other end of the gym, who appears to be powering their way to Tokyo 2020 at 17kmp/h.

So, where do you gym-goers fit into the equation?


 The visitor

Doesn’t really know what they’re doing there and will continue to ignore the ‘How to use’ posters and use the leg press to work their biceps instead.

Super Nintendo

Those that seem to be in a permanent audition to appear in the next game of Super Mario. I’m sure no more weights can be squeezed on to their lifting bar!

The violator

If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right? Just not in the clothing you’ve ‘accidentally’ picked up from your children’s drawers.


 The loiterers

If the time they spent wandering around observing all the equipment and other members of the gym lead to fitness gains, they’d be the perfect model for a body-building campaign.

The non-athletes

Credit to them that they’ve at least had the motivation to enter the gym, but really, they’ve no intention of actually doing anything.

The make-up artist

Just not in the gym when it looks as if you’ve walked away from Clinique’s make-up stand.

The grunter

You hear them before you see them. Judging by the noises they make, you wonder why they persist in putting themselves through that much pain.

The power couple

They say after a while, couples can start to look like one another. The muscle definition speaks for itself.


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