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Slam Dunk Festival 2015 Stage Times Revealed

Start planning your Slam Dunk weekend now! We have the stage splits for you right here.

Source: Official Slam Dunk Banner

Source: Official Slam Dunk Banner

This year’s Slam Dunk Festival is just around the corner. Lucky for you, you can now start planning your weekend and figuring out what to do about those inevitable clashes. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the different stage times for the festival: Slam Dunk North 23rd May (N), Slam Dunk South 24th May (S) and Slam Dunk Midlands 25th May (M).

N / M 9:20pm | S 9:30pm You Me At Six
N / M 7:50pm | S 8:00pm Taking Back Sunday
N / M 6:40pm | S 6:45pm Don Broco
N / M 5:30pm | S 5:30pm Lower Than Atlantis
N / M 4:25pm | S 4:20pm Neck Deep
N / M 3:25pm | S 3:15pm We Are The Ocean
N / M 2:30pm | S 2:15pm PVRIS
N / M 1:40pm | S 1:20pm Set It Off

N / M / S 9:35pm Architects
N / M / S 8:20pm While She Sleeps
N / M / S 7:10pm Finch
N / M / S 6:05pm Crossfaith
N / M / S 5:00pm Bury Tomorrow
N / M / S 4:00pm Thy Art Is Murder
N / M / S 3:00pm Beartooth
N / M / S 2:10pm The Color Morale
N / M / S 1:20pm Shvpes

N / M / S 9:25pm Reel Big Fish
N / M / S 8:15pm Millencolin
N / M / S 7:05pm Goldfinger
N / M / S 6:00pm Zebrahead
N / M / S 5:00pm Mariachi El Bronx
N / M / S 4:05pm Lightyear
N / M / S 3:10pm Big D and the Kids Table
N / M / S 2:15pm Patent Pending
N / M / S 1:25pm Survay Says

N / M / S 9:50pm The Wonder Years
N / M / S 8:50pm Fireworks
N / M / S 7:55pm Transit
N / M / S 7:00pm Such Gold
N / M / S 5:55pm Bayside
N / M / S 5:05pm A Loss For Words
N / M / S 4:00pm Cartel
N / M / S 3:10pm ROAM
N / M / S 2:20pm Knuckle Puck
N / M / S 1:30pm As It Is

N / M / S 9:45pm The Bronx
N / M / S 8:35pm Gallows
N / M / S 7:35pm H20
N / M / S 6:35pm Comeback Kid
N / M / S 5:40pm Bane
N / M / S 4:45pm Stick To Your Guns
N / M / S 3:50pm Deez Nuts
N / M / S 3:00pm Trash Talk
N / M / S 2:10pm Being As An Ocean
N / M / S 1:20pm Dead Harts

N / M / S 8:45pm Moose Blood
N / M / S 7:55pm Baby Godzilla
N / M / S 7:05pm Seaway
N / M / S 6:15pm This Wild Life
N / M / S 5:25pm Rob Lynch
N / M / S 4:35pm Fort Hope
N / M / S 3:45pm Only Rivals
N / M / S 2:55pm Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties
N / M / S 2:05pm Wind In Sails
N / M / S 1:15pm Trash Boat

N / M / S 1:15pm Neck Deep
N / M / S 2:15pm Don Broco
N / M / S 3:15pm Set It Off
N / M / S 4:00pm PVRIS
N / M / S 4:45pm Architects
NORTH ONLY 5:45pm You Me At Six

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