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Is Coachella Sueing Hoodchella?

The independent festival might be violating this festival giant.

Source: Promo / Facebook

Source: Promo / Facebook

Amercian’s famous festival Coachella is reportedly suing the 2015 indie festival upstart, Hoodchella, on means of trademark infringement. It seems almost unfair, but Coachella claims Hoodchella infringes on their trademarks, creates unfair competition and dilutes their brand.

Last year saw Hoodcella’s first festival and was set again this year on April 8-9, exactly one week before Coachella. Although Coachella has every right to feel cheated by Hoodchella, you can’t help to feel sorry for the little guys.

Hoodchella has not yet announced a line-up, that’s decided through submissions system, whereas you can see the full Coachella line-up here.

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