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Woes On Their Upcoming Appearance At Slam Dunk Festival | Interview

In anticipation of their slot at this year’s Slam Dunk Festival, we caught up with Woes’ vocalist DJ on what we can expect from the band’s set, who they’re excited to catch, festival tips and more.


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Festival season is upon us, and Woes are about to start it off right with their appearance at this year’s Slam Dunk Festival. This will mark the band’s first time playing the famed all dayer, and may also involve them premiering some brand new tracks. Read our interview with vocalist DJ below for the full scoop.

MOSH: You’re playing Slam Dunk for the first time this year – what are you expecting from your appearance at this year’s festival?

DJ: I’m looking forward to it. I think playing Slam Dunk has been a goal of ours for a while. So I want to make our set special, I want to get the crowd involved, and I want people who have never seen us to think ‘holy shit, these guys are dope.’

MOSH: What is your favourite part of playing a festival vs. a gig?

DJ: Getting to meet loads of people who like your music, and going to check out bands you love, but have never had a chance to go see.

MOSH: How do you go about switching up your setlist for festivals?

DJ: Festival sets are just greatest hits sets for me. Just play songs are going to get the crowd going, that’s why they’ve came in the first place.

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MOSH: Do you have any new tracks/ particular songs you are excited about playing live?

DJ: Yeah, we have a song called HLB2 coming out soon, we’ve not played it live yet, but it’s the best song we’ve ever written. Can’t wait for people to hear it.

MOSH: This year’s lineup is amazing – who are you most excited to be playing alongside/ hoping to catch?

DJ: Looking forward to seeing Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes again, we’ve toured with them and they were amazing every night. Northlane and Every Time I Die are some of my favourite bands I’ve never seen live. Comeback Kid are awesome live.

MOSH: Using only the bands on the lineup this year, can you create you dream tour?

Every Time I Die, Northlane, Creeper, Holding Absence

MOSH: What are some of your best tips to surviving a festival?

DJ: Build it up gradually, don’t get super fucked up on day 1. Start small, and get progressively more wasted each day.

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MOSH: What exciting things have you got lined up for the rest of the year?

DJ: We’re writing our debut album right now, we’ve got more shows booked this year than we ever have. So just writing and playing all year, no days off!

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