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If Wizards Watched Television… 5 Programmes We Want To See On Harry Potter TV!

What would wizards want to watch on television?

Source: Harry Potter promotional material

Source: Promo

Sky have announced plans to launch a new Harry Potter TV channel at the end of this month (October 24th) to coincide with Halloween and half-term holidays. The channel, featuring all of the eight movies in the Harry Potter franchise, documentaries, interviews with the cast and behind-the scene specials, will also be shown in celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of the Philosopher’s Stone release.

But, this got me thinking, what if wizards had their own television channels? Like ours, but with magic, mystical creatures, and way more terrifying monsters than the Kardashian family. It’d be pretty awesome, right? So, I’ve thrown together a few show concepts that I think wizarding families all over the world would tune in to.

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Source: Harry Potter

Source: Harry Potter

Live Quidditch Matches

Quidditch is basically the magical version of football, and we all know how much that’s on television! Also, we know from the Harry Potter books and movies that Quidditch is hugely followed in the wizarding community, so this one way a no-brainer. They’d probably have local leagues, national competitions, and men drunk from Butterbeer would bet their Galleons on their favourite teams and shout loudly and unintelligibly down the pub. The back pages of the Daily Prophet would be dedicated to the most recent rumours of the Quidditch world, and the players would be some of the highest paid people in the country.

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