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Wilkinson Reveals He’s The First Man To Give Birth | The Truth

Would we lie to you?

There are a lot of things you probably know about Wilkinson, but we doubt you knew that he’s the first man to give birth?

The drum ‘n’ bass disc jockey that dominated the summer’s festival season with his renown singles, Afterglow and Hopelessly to name a few. Before he performed at this year’s Reading Festival, we learnt that he’s a father, but there’s a twist to the story – Wilkinson gave birth to his son!

Rumours have been surrounding this issue for a while and we wanted to get to the bottom of it, so Wilkinson revealed the Truth*. He spoke about the challenges of fatherhood, Wilkinson JR’s gifted talents and the gory details of this phenomenon.

This news comes just as Wilkinson prepares for his UK tour. Tickets are now on sale, get yours here.

* All information is 000% accurate at time of print and only from non-existent unreliable sources

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