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Why We Wish Simple Plan’s I’m Just A Kid Still Applied To Us | 4 Reasons Why Adult Life Sucks!

Adulthood is difficult. We just really wish we could sing along to ‘I’m Just A Kid’ and really mean it! Here are 4 reasons why being an adult sucks!

No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls

We all know and love Simple Plan’s ‘I’m Just A Kid’. It pretty much is the epitome of teenage angst. It’s exactly the song you think about when you think of your angry, alternative teen years. Though the song came out in 2002, it defines the 90s vibe—and the fact that you literally didn’t have anything to do if your friends weren’t around because Netflix didn’t exist.

The extremely emo lyrics “I’m just a kid and life is a nightmare” were so relevant back then because our parents truly didn’t understand us, and we were just so full of youthful rage. But now? Well, now we’re adults, and we really wish we could just sing along to ‘I’m Just A Kid’ again and really mean it!

So in honour of that angsty anthem, here are 4 reasons why being an adult sucks! (There are so many reasons why but if we listed them all this would be an extremely long post!)

  1. Life is still a nightmare, but we’re not kids anymore so we can’t ignore it or look forward to our better adult lives. – We can’t sit around talking about how good life is going to get as soon as we have a license and our own money. We’re way past that! And guess what? It’s not any better!
  2. We still don’t hear from our friends, but it’s cool because we are all too tired to do anything anyway (aka chronic adult fatigue and exhaustion). – Being an adult is hard. Going out after work is hard. Being tired 99.9% of the time is haaaaaaard.
  3. We can’t chill in our room singing about how sucky life is (like we used to), we have to get up and go to work. – I just want to sit at home and complain about being a grown-up. Why is that so wrong?
  4. “I’ll try to think about the last time / I had a good time / everyone’s got somewhere to go / and they’re gonna leave me here on my own.” – Even though most of us are way too tired to actually do anything, we all have those friends that are ALWAYS doing something fun. They are out at dinner every week, on holiday every month—basically living like a carefree adult while we’re out here walking around like zombies! We’re basically constantly reminded that we’re not living our lives correctly!

To sum up, ‘I’m Just A Kid’ is one of the greatest songs around and we just really wish we were kids again!

(We don’t always complain here at MOSH, but when we do we are super annoying whiny punks!)

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