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When Your Love For Cats Rules Over Everything Else | Anti Valentine’s Day Playlist

With Valentine’s Day creeping upon us; we took the liberty of creating a playlist for when your love for friends, music and cats is more than enough.


So guys and gals, it’s that time of year again. February has just begun, which can only mean one thing; *shudders* Valentine’s Day – the holiday created to boost up the flowers and sweets industries. We’re sure the radio (if you’re still listening to that these days) and a bunch of other sites will easily have you covered in terms of all the lovey dovey tracks you should be checking out this month. But if like us, you’re far too hardcore for that goopy love stuff, we’ve compiled a playlist for all the singletons who are too busy loving cats instead.

Whether it’s the heartbreaking ‘I Don’t Love You’ by the ever so emotional My Chemical Romance, or tracks that are a straight middle finger in the face like Three Days Grace‘s ‘I Hate Everything About You’ and Smashing Pumpkins‘ aptly titled ‘Fuck You (An Ode To No One)’; we’ve got you covered. We’ve even put in the classic Limp Bizkit ‘Break Stuff’ just in case you want to err.. break stuff. Don’t worry though, we made sure to add in some more encouraging tunes as well like ‘Dance Floor Anthem (I Don’t Wanna Be In Love)’ by the recently reunited Good Charlotte and Saosin‘s reminder that ‘You’re Not Alone’.

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