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What Would Happen If Taylor Swift Ran The Country?

What would it be like to live in a country where Taylor Swift was in charge? Full of cats, apparently!

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Fortune‘s annual list of the 50 World’s Greatest Leaders was released this week and they placed none other than Taylor Swift at number 6, just behind Pope Francis and way ahead of Barak Obama, who didn’t even make the list! This got us thinking, what would it be like to live in a country where Queen T was actually in charge?

There would be cats. Everywhere

It’s no secret that Taylor is a huge fan of furry felines and we reckon that if she had her way, there’d be even more! Perhaps it’d be compulsory to have cats in the work place – no one would ever feel stressed again with a cute little cat by their side to keep them calm. Maybe one day you’ll walk into your local shop and instead of self service there’ll be a cat waiting to help you instead. A world living in harmony with cats sounds pretty purr-fect to us, what could paws-ibbly go wrong?!

Spotify Would Be Banned

T Swizzle removing her music from Spotify was a big reason for her high spot on Fortune’s list, explaining: “Back in November, she pulled her entire catalogue from Spotify, saying that the streaming service doesn’t adequately compensate artists. Since then, she’s proved to be one of the savviest brand creators going.” Making people pay for all their music would be no bad thing for the music industry but would certainly get expensive for some people!

Everyone Would Receive £1,989 For Voting Her In

No one seems to love their fans more than Taylor Swift does, which was recently proved when she sent £1,989 to a dedicated follower to help her pay for college. How cute! So as a huge thank you for being the best and believing in her as a leader, we think she could afford to give all her voters a little bonus, seeing as she’s the highest paid woman in music right now. Thanks Swifty!

Noone Would Be Allowed To Say ‘This Sick Beat’ Like, Ever

This sassy star is so proud of her own lyrics that she recently copyrighted her phrase ‘this sick beat‘. If she ran the country, no one would be allowed to utter those words ever again. It’s not something we would particularly say that often but it would certainly stop those 15 year-old chavs using it to look cool and failing! We’re definitely on board with this one.


We don’t reckon a country run by Swifty would be that bad. Plus, she’d be the most beautiful and best dressed leader we’ve ever had! Kanye might want fight her for this one though…

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