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What To Wear For Reading & Leeds Festival

Spolit for choice during the music festival season or trawling through your wardrobe in desperation….? Here’s the do’s and don’ts of festival fashion.


With the festival season in full swing and Reading and Leeds Festival drawing imminently closer, chances are those summer outfits you had planned are beginning to lose their sparkle. So, in a bid for inspiration, we’re checking through the do’s and don’t’s of festival attire so your fashion doesn’t get lost among the crowd.

1.) Plan accessories carefully. Yes, accessories make the outfit, but there’s nothing worse than heavy bangles and oversized headwear blocking your view and beating against you in time to the music. Lose or bruise.

2.) Don’t take waterproof clothing for granted. Lightweight enough to carry around day through to night, and with the stylistic possibilities endless, it’s easy to co-ordinate a mac into your outfit. Browse ASOS for their range of macs and raincoats, like this Henna Print Rain Mac at £45.00.

Rain Mac


3.) Be unique: don’t fall into the trap of cliche festival attire. 
Experiment with your style and stand out from the crowd in statement prints and colour blocking. Combine a grungey band Tee with these Topshop feminine floral shorts, a steal at £10.00.

Topshop Shorts


4.) For once, tiny handbags are in! Practical in many ways, smaller bags are not only roomy enough for your festival essentials, they also deter pick-pocketers. Fashion a stylish bumbag, or a cross body bag for extra security and a finish to your look.


5. Layer up clothing for a sophisticated and relaxed style. There’s nothing worse than being restricted to two settings by your clothing choice. When being either hot or cold doesn’t cut it, shrugging off layers maintains a fashionable appearance and an easy solution when temperatures drop into the evening. Try a bold checked shirt over layered tees or crop tops, like this River Island  top.


With the fashion taken care of, what are you waiting for?! Whether you’re heading for Reading & Leeds, or a party in the park, make the most of the summer spirit for a frenzy of festival fashion.

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