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“We Want To Show People Who Aren’t Familiar With Us Exactly What’s Up” – Brutality Will Prevail On Playing Slam Dunk | Interview

Ahead of their appearance at this year’s Slam Dunk festival, we caught up with Welsh hardcore punks Brutality Will Prevail. Read our full interview here.

Welsh hardcore punks Brutality Will Prevail are playing Slam Dunk Festival for the first time this year, and we caught up with the band on their expectations as well as some of their best festival tips.

MOSH: You’re playing Slam Dunk for the first time this year – what are you expecting from your appearance at this year’s festival?

BWP: We aren’t really sure what to expect in all honesty. There aren’t a lot of bands on the bill like us so we think we will stand out amongst the line up but for the best reasons. Bringing something different might make people want to check us out so we look forward to playing to a wide variety of people.

MOSH: What is your favourite part of playing a festival vs. a gig?

BWP: It’s so hard to compare the two. Honestly the best part of festivals for me is getting the chance to catch a lot of awesome bands I love in the same place at once. Playing is just the icing on the cake. We always play just as hard regardless of where we play and who we are playing to.

MOSH: How do you go about switching up your setlist for festivals?

BWP: The main factor is that you generally get a shorter slot than you would on your own show. Mainly we just try to keep things flowing stopping as little as possible and playing a wide variety of our stuff to cover our sound in full. We want to show people who aren’t familiar with us exactly what’s up.

MOSH: Do you have any new tracks/ particular songs you are excited about playing live?

BWP: We’ve kind of been changing the set a fair amount recently chucking songs in and out but there are a few that never fall out. Forever Restless is one of the newer songs we play that is one of my personal favourites but older songs like The Path are always fun to smash through as it’s where a lot of people will end up if they decide to search the band. The reaction is always mad.

MOSH: This year’s lineup is amazing – who are you most excited to be playing alongside/ hoping to catch?

BWP: There are so many bands playing I loved growing up especially Thursday. We were all punk kids growing up too so all the throwbacks like Capdown, Goldfinger, Jimmy Eat World and King Prawn will be awesome. There’s so many cool recent bands there too it’s just one of those questions where I could list the majority of the line up. Sharing the stage with Everytimeidie is cool for me personally and playing just before Welsh boys Astroid Boys is always fun. Goes to show the variety of bands on the line up.

MOSH: Using only the bands on the lineup this year, can you create you dream tour?

BWP: Easy. Pvris, Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, Comeback Kid and us. Of course we’d be headlining.

MOSH: What are some of your best tips to surviving a festival?

BWP: Book a hotel! Unless you love camping, sleeping outside sucks in 99% of situations. Travelling back and forth is essential if you don’t want to look, feel and smell like a terrible person. If you’re a less cynical person than me than as long as you eat, drink and enjoy yourself who cares right?

MOSH: What exciting things have you got lined up for the rest of the year?

BWP: We don’t have anything fully announced yet to put out there but got a lot of hopefully plans as well as writing new stuff. Can never predict what goes on in the festival run so who knows. Just stoked to be a part of Slam Dunk for now!

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