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Top 10 Punk Goes… Tracks

It’s been a hard task but some of the HTF Rock Team voted for their favourite tracks from the Punk Goes… albums. Check out what made the cut right here.

Punk Goes… albums have been a staple part of music since the first one came out in 2000 ‘Punk Goes Metal’. Fearless Records have produced a whole host of amazing cover tracks alongside some not so great ones. At current count there are 15 Punk Goes albums including last Decembers’ ‘Punk Goes Christmas’, 5 additions of ‘Punk Goes Pop’ and 2 ‘Punk Goes Acoustic’ compilations including our Rock Editors personal favourite: ‘Memory’ by Sugarcult.

It was very hard to compile a list of the best tracks from the 15 albums and everyone had their own favourites, but we picked the most voted tracks by some of the HTF Rock Staff. Check out what made the cut right here.

10: Issues – Boyfriend – Punk Goes Pop 5

There are very few bands who can make us at HTF (especially in the rock team) like a Justin Beiber track. But the incredibly talented Issues have changed our thoughts on at least one Beiber track. It may well be the heart melting vocals of Tyler Carter or addition of screams in the track by Michael Bohn but whatever reason it’s such a great track to show how Punk Goes Pop can turn a track most of us would turn our noses up at into one we can’t stop listening to.

Words by: Rhian Westbury


9: All Time Low – Umbrella – Punk Goes Crunk

All Time Low and Rhianna are two completely different things, which is, of course, the beauty of the Punk Goes… series, so many things that just shouldn’t work do. I’ll admit I actually used to listen to Rhianna and I have the album with the original on. Now, however, I find the original quite annoying, the odd word breakdown and repetition just gets on my nerves. In a pop-punk style it has a different effect though, the emphasis isn’t just on the lyrics with a band like All Time Low. There are four guys, who each play an instrument so you pay more attention to the music that you would in the original and that works in some strange way.

Words by: Jenna Young


8: A Day To Remember – Over My Head – Punk Goes Pop Vol 2

Time and time again ADTR have proven that they have the ability to perform an incredible variety of tracks. ‘Over My Head (Cable Car)’ was the first real cover the band ever did, and isn’t exactly a common thing for guys from Ocala, Florida to do, but when they have attempted it the track turns out incredibly. Since then the band have even gone up another level with ‘Since U Been Gone,’ but without their attempt at The Frey’s classic track would they ever have attempted to cover an even poppier track? Whatever they decide to do, everything that A Day To Remember touch just turns to pure gold.

Words by: Callum Thomson


7: Woe Is Me – Last Friday Night – Punk Goes Pop 4

The beautiful thing about the Punk Goes album’s are the diversity of the tracks. On one hand you may get a band who will keep the style of the song the same and just add a few guitars and on the other hand you might have a track which is changed so much beyond recognition. The later best describes Woe Is Me’s cover of ‘Last Friday Night’. When I first heard the track I had that familiar feeling that I knew the track but didn’t instantly recognise it as the Katy Perry track. It begins as a fairly standard Woe Is Me track but the second that the heavy lyrics of “pictures of last night/ Ended up online/ I’m screwed” we are hooked. The track is like the soundtrack to a night out: it doesn’t matter if you’re Ms Perry or Woe Is Me we’re sure you’ve all screamed at the notification of ‘YOU’VE BEEN TAGGED IN 200 PICTURES’ the day after a night out and maxing out your credit card.

Words by: Rhian Westbury


6: Memphis May Fire – Grenade – Punk Goes Pop 5

There seems to be a unwritten rule where if you want to have a successful Punk Goes Pop track then you need to keep the pop feel of the original track and just put your own tinge in order to change it into your own track. Memphis have done just that the backing music feels a lot more raw and punk. You don’t need to scream throughout the entirety of the track in order to make it punk, but the hints here and there in Memphis’ version of Grenade just reinforces their own sound.

Words By: Callum Thomson


5: Hands Like Houses – Torn- Punk Goes 90’s Vol 2

It’s always a tricky thing when such well-known songs are covered, as people will always have the original in mind and make comparisons. It’s also a lot harder when a band covers a song originally done by a female singer. Hands Like Houses seem to have overcome this; especially in that opening verse, in which vocalist Trenton Woodley sounds superb. Not only is it a massive wave of nostalgia, but this cover really does the song justice (and hey, the little Australian accent coming through is also a plus).

Words by: Santhi Weiss


4: We Came As Romans – Glad You Came – Punk Goes Pop Volume 5

We Came As Roman’s version of the hit The Wanted track has turned into very much a fan favourite. It’s perfect for two very distinct reasons. The first being that it keeps the same tone and feel of the original track, which means it still has the guilty pop pleasures of The Wanted’s hit. The second reason for perfection being that We Came As Romans have managed to pour in just enough of their own feel and sound to make the track theirs; the heavier vocals and guitar tones just blend in so well with the inherent pop feel to the song.

Words by: Callum Thomson


3: Pierce The Veil – Just The Way You Are – Punk Goes Pop 4

Vic Fuentes vocals in this track are just amazing and I think this is different enough from Pierce The Veil sound that it will attract new fans but it will still keep the old fans happy. It’s just a great take on an otherwise alright song.

Words by: Kayla Elliot


2: Mayday Parade ft Vic Fuentes – Somebody I Used To Know – Punk Goes Pop 5

‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ is already a great song, but the Punk Goes… version just kicks this track up a notch. Mayday Parade are Punk Goes… veterans already, and they’re professionals at taking an awesome song and making their very own (and maybe even better) version. The addition of Pierce the Veil’s Vic Fuentes taking over the female vocals is fun and adds a post-hardcore touch to the more mellow sound of Mayday Parade. Their collaboration turns ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ into a vibrant pop-punk song, fuelled by unique vocals and heavy guitar riffs without losing any of the original track’s catchiness.

Words by: Sam Lawrie


1: All Time Low – Jasey Rae – Punk Goes Acoustic Volume 2

As fans of All Time Low, most of us can say we have quoted the bridge from ‘Jasey Rae’ at least once before. This song is a great example of the earlier stages of All Time Low. When the band teamed up with Fearless Records to record the acoustic version of Jasey Rae, it was quite possibly the best thing to happen to the song. The acoustic version sounds a little different to the original, as it introduces a piano into the mix. This is one of those songs, that when stripped down, the emotions in it come across even more intensely.

Words by: Santhi Weiss

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