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Tom DeLonge’s New Song and Being a Fan

Here is Tom DeLonge’s new song, The Invisible Parade, and what it means to be a fan of both Tom DeLonge and Blink-182.



It’s always sad when a band breaks up, and when a band breaks up in a really ugly way, for the audience watching, it can be downright awkward. Of course, Blink-182 didn’t really break up, but from the shit-flinging that’s gone down over social media between them and Tom DeLonge the awkwardness is still more than there. Thankfully it all seems to have quieted down for now, with Blink playing a few live shows in the states with Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio taking DeLonge’s place, and DeLonge claiming that he has a rather impressive workload ahead of him now he’s gone solo.

This first single is a bit different for him. Most people may have expected something more like Blink’s more pop-y work, but this is far from that. It’s pretty much just a simple 4-chord acoustic track, with DeLonge singing over the top. Even his vocals sound a bit different – gone are the nasal, pop-punk whines (see ‘Adam’s Song’ if you want a perfect example of him sounding whiny) to be replaced with a more soulful, less bombastic singing.

And the best part is, it actually works. The Invisible Parade’ is not a bad song, especially if you already like this kind of music. We could be seeing a transition from DeLonge as the ridiculous frontman of a pop-punk band, to a genuinely decent solo musician, which is pretty exciting.

So, does this mean that we are going to have to pick sides?

Well, no, not really. This isn’t the playground any more, this is rock music, on the internet, in 2014. You don’t have to pick DeLonge over Blink or the other way around. The last time something like this happened it was Ronnie Radke/Falling In Reverse vs Escape the Fate, and we all know how silly that one got.

But it’s entirely plausible that Blink fans will really enjoy this new material from DeLonge. As for what Blink are doing now, only time will tell whether they can produce something worth listening to without Tom in the band now. If we’re about to get into a stage where Blink-182 are a bit more than that silly pop-punk band who sing about boobs and stuff, and Tom DeLonge is a decent solo musician in his own right, then we are about to get into a very interesting stage indeed.

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