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This Is What The Nativity Scene Would Be Like With Pop Punk Bands!

It’s almost christmas, and since we pretty much twist everything into the theme of rock music, check out our pop punk nativity scene!

christmas nativity

It’s almost Christmas, and no matter what religion you follow—if you even follow one at all—we all know the famous nativity scene. And since we like to think of everything in terms of music, and we are in a very festive month, we decided to have a think about our version of the famous gathering.

So without further ado, here is our pop punk version of the nativity scene (2017).

Minnesota is not that far away ?: @taylorrambo

A post shared by Seaway (@seawayband) on

The baby

Since this is a pop punk nativity, we aren’t depicting the birth of a baby, but instead the birth of the genre (or the modern genre) so it’s only fair that we make the baby a rising pop punk band. Our pick is Canadian pop punkers Seaway. The band have not only just released one of the best modern pop punk albums of the last couple of years, but they have a style and live show unlike any other. We love Seaway and truly believe they are a gift to this scene. *wipes tears*

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