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The 7 Strangest Places Bands Have Ever Played a Gig

We have a look at the strangest places bands have ever played. You’d be surprised how crazy some of them are!

We’re all up for the different and original in the Rock genre. Hell – we applaud those that make a louder statement than the rest.

So we took some time to think about just how crazy some artists can be, especially those that take it to the next level. We also all know that the live performances of these said artists are the best ones, so we thought we should  show some appreciation for those that have performed in the truly outrageous places.

1.      Pink Floyd – Pompeii

Starting with one of the older gigs; I mean, it’s not like the volcano is going to erupt again … but can you imagine the sound that gig gave?! Historic on a whole new level.

2.      Adjagas – On Top of a Mountain

Source: Meet and Jam

Source: Meet and Jam

We can’t say we all know of Adjagas right? Norweigan indie band who thought it would be a great idea to have a gig on top of a mountain that had a 600 metre drop. Well we must give them credit for that marketing idea!

3.       Charlie Simpson – The Coldest Place on Earth

Charlie was always so cool, leaving Busted and giving us Fightstar. Leaving Fightstar and giving us his solo stuff. Then leaving the UK venues and playing in the coldest freaking place on earth! He’s just too much.

4.       Unfathomable Ruination – An Airtight Box in London

Death Metal has a stigma all on its own for being ‘scary’ to those that don’t understand the genre. But we can maybe half agree this is slightly terrifying when they enclosed themselves in an airtight box outside the Gherkin. But hats off to you guys, something to draw the crowd in (or away in terror).

5.       Arcade Fire – In the Middle of a Mob

Because the music wasn’t angry enough, the guys decide to sing a few songs in the middle of a brawl. Although we must admit, how rock and roll is that?! Genius.

6.       The King Blues –  In a Sewer

Sorry guys, but we don’t even know how to justify this one. Under Brighton beach too? Beach … Sewer …we see your confusion…

7.       Defiled – On a Floating Iceberg

We have a winner!
Apparently we just like artists who play in freezing climates. Defiled thought it would be a neat idea to play a gig on a floating Iceberg. And not just one song, a whole 30 minute set!

We’re just glad they didn’t live up to their name; don’t let the vibrations shake you.

So all in all, next time you’re feeling cramped and cosy at a gig, maybe we can all think if it would be better to be standing on ice?

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