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The 5 Most Emo Things I’ve Seen This Week!

We here at MOSH are all about emo. We see it. We feel it. And we sure as hell live it. So here are the 5 most emo things we’ve seen this week!

The Maine 2017 Lovely Little Lonely

Source: Facebook

When you’re as alternative and emo as the residents of MOSH, you develop a sort of radar for all that’s weird, wonderful and nostalgic. That’s right, we have become pros in the art of identifying and finding things that induce feelings of nostalgia for the very emo MySpace time in our lives. We see these little blasts from the pasts frequently online, but we also get a glimpse of these in our everyday lives and when we do, we just feel better about the very emo-centric lives we lived when we were younger. (Note: most of us still live these kinds of lives.)

This week I discovered that although I like to say it, my life truly is all emo, all the time (and for once, it wasn’t me who was initiating the emoness! I didn’t send one meme). So I thought I’d put together a list of the 5 most emo things I’ve seen this week!

  1. My 32-year-old brother sent me this random message on his way to work. My bro used to have impeccable music taste when he was younger – where do you think I learned about Sum 41 and Aerosmith? – but as he has gotten older, he has really been slacking in the rock/emo department. I mean, he still knows that A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out is a classic, and The Offspring’s ‘Original Prankster’ is one of all-time greatest (and funniest) pop punk tracks. But he doesn’t usually send me emo messages about My Chem. I approve.

5 emo things

  1. This little emo gem from Twitter, aka the site that brings all the emos together and gets them reminiscing about another little emo site called MySpace! We can all relate to these acronyms.

  1. Emo Johno – We all know that The Maine’s lead singer Johno is the emoest of all the emos. And his Twitter is an actual breeding ground for beautiful, poetic and melancholy states. And the boy does tweet his melancholy one-liners quite often, so any list where emo is mentioned will definitely include a Johno original.

  1. Dashboard Confessional dropping their new album – You just don’t get more emo than Dashboard! *ugly cries*

Check out our thoughts on the new record here. Fair warning, as expected, it’s pretty damn emo.

  1. Mayday Parade quoting their emo selves in their Twitter replies.

Considering this is the crew whose song titles are the length of short, depressing novels, AND the same band who wrote ‘Miserable At Best’ and ‘Terrible Things’, they have absolutely NO RIGHT to be emo on our Twitter timeline. We are humans with mega-emo feelings you know! How dare you!

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