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Teleman’s Peter Cattermoul Reveals His Fantasy Album Tracklisting

What will Peter Cattermoul pick for his fantasy album? Find out inside!

Welcome to the world of fantasy albums where music fans are put to the test to decipher their ultimate collection.

The rules are simple(ish): they can’t repeat an artist, and to just make it that little bit more interesting they have to use the same track number from another album. For example, Track 1 could be the opening track of the incredible Stone Roses’ debut ‘I Wanna Be Adored’. Track 2 could be Blur’s ‘Song 2′ – you get the idea.

This month’s fantasy album has been curated by Teleman’s bassist Peter Cattermoul.

Fantasy Album

Cattermoul alongside the Sanders brothers formed Teleman from the ashes of Pete and the Pirates six years ago and have released three albums, including this years latest Family of Aliens. They have enjoyed various live appearances on BBC Six Music and are about to head out on a European tour. When Peter Cattermoul is not with Teleman he can be found DJing for Worldwide Fm and producing his own music. 

After a long time debating which songs to choose for his album Peter Cattermoul finally came up with his final ten.

” I’ve chosen songs that make me feel a certain way or have a message I think is important or have a great groove or sometimes all three. I had quite a few lists on the go, I was getting a bit too sentimental for a while and realised that can’t work for a whole album, sentimentality has it’s place but so does positivity!”

 1. Chi Coltrane – Hallelujah

I heard this song at a disco in Sheffield and it totally blew my mind dude. I don’t really know her other music but this one is just a total banger and always makes me happy.

2. Dear Prudence – The Beatles

So I’ve gone slightly down the ‘trad’ route here, I think this was one of the first songs I learned on guitar, and one of the first albums I heard. The white album is a bit good isn’t it?

3. Everywhere – Fleetwood Mac

This song is very well known and for a good reason, it’s amazing.”

4. Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out

I’ve gone for groove with this compilation, as you can hear from this track from Diana’s album made with Nile Rodgers. I love Nile’s collaborations with Madonna and Bowie too. Such a powerful and empowering song.

5. Computer Love – Kraftwerk

Well obviously Kraftwerk had to be on my fantasy album. It’s funny how we feel about the music we hold dear to our hearts. A really sweet track.”

6. Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix

I grew up playing songs by Jimi in my mid teens, that was my general obsession. It’s nice to have a few chilled tracks in the middle of an album, and this is just beautiful.

7. Satellite Of Love – Lou Reed

Transformer was a pivotal album for me, sometimes it’s easy to forget the music which changed you, but this album did something important for me. And David Bowie produced it and sings on it. Bonus!

8. Bonnie and Clyde – Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot

“I think I had this album on a tape when I was younger and I didn’t really know if it was an album or just a comp a friend had made for me.”

9. Purple Rain – Prince

So this track was actually recorded live at a concert and then edited down to this version. How amazing is that? Definitely a closer but it’s only track 9!”

10. Surf’s Up – The Beach Boys

Brian Wilson is hands down the biggest influence on me as a musician. I could make a very big list of Brian Wilson songs that I love. So that’s my list, I hope you liked it to.

A very eclectic list of very fine songs and rare to not have a single song from this millennium. What would you choose?

To find out more about what Cattermoul is up to or news on Teleman’s new album and tour ,please follow or check out the links below and make everyone happy.

Pete from Teleman

You can check out all the tracks on Peter’s Spotify playlist below.

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