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Teenagers Scare The Shit Out Of Me – Top Against The Current Covers

Against the Current have now done a cover of MCR’s ‘Teenagers’ but we take a look at some of their other covers in our top 5 list.

Source: Facebook Official

Source: Facebook Official

Pop punk trio Against The Current were first known because of their twists and takes on songs by artists such as Taylor Swift and 5 Seconds Of Summer. Since their reproduction of songs they have created their debut album In Our Bones. On their recent tour with As It Is, the trio performed ‘Teenagers’ by the infamous My Chemical Romance where Patty Walters from As It Is features to support Chrissy Costanza who was quite ill at the time of the performance. This performance of ‘Teenagers’ was not only the chance to cover a great song but also a celebration of the fact that Against The Current recorded this song for ‘Rock Sound presents The Black Parade’ which is only available in the new issue of Rock Sound so what are you waiting for.

Hearing about this cover got us thinking about the other covers the trio have performed and decided to conjure up Against The Currents top 5 covers. 

5. Starting in the supposed bottom slot is: ‘Chocolate’ originally by The 1975

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