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Slamdunk Festival Firsts: Garrett – The Maine

Who would have thought The Maine has never played Slam Dunk before? Here’s what bassist Garrett Nickelsen is expecting from the band’s first time at the festival this year.

The Maine 2017 Lovely Little Lonely

Source: Facebook

Over the years the UK has evidently fallen in love with one of Arizona’s finest exports, The Maine. Fresh off a sold out headline show in London to support their latest release Lovely, Little, Lonely, the band won’t be taking too long before they make their way back to our shores. The quintet will be making an appearance at Slam Dunk Festival, no less. Surprisingly in their ten years as a band, The Maine have yet to make an appearance at the renowned May bank holiday weekend festival.

We can just tell their first set at this year’s edition will be extra special, so we took the opportunity to chat with bassist Garrett Nickelsen who shared with us his expectations and the preparations leading up to the festival.

MOSH: There’s only about 2 months to go until Slamdunk Festival, how are you preparing for the festival?

GN: By keeping busy! We have a whole lot going on right now – with the upcoming release of our new album Lovely Little Lonely. We were just in London for a sold out headlining show at Electric Ballroom, and then we flew back to the US for our current tour. Right from there we go to Australia with All Time Low, then we’re home for three days and the we fly out for Slam Dunk. We’ve been getting new tunes together and learning some stuff we haven’t played in years! Our set for Slam Dunk will be a good mixture of both old and new material.

MOSH: As it’s your first time playing how excited are you to play?

GN: I’m super excited! I’ve only heard great things about the festival so I’m really happy we got asked to play this year. Can’t wait to play some new tunes for the homies in the U.K.

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MOSH: Do you have any expectations of the festival in the lead up to the weekend?

GN: I’m just hoping we don’t get boo’ed haha. Anything else will be a win for me. Hope to catch some other bands sets too.

MOSH: What does it mean to you to be asked to play Slamdunk?

GN: I know it’s a big deal for music in the U.K. I’m just happy we were asked to play. We haven’t really done the whole festival thing overseas yet so this will be a new experience for us. Should be a good time!

MOSH: The festival has come a long way since its inception just over a decade ago, does the festival have any special meaning to you as a band?

GN: We just had our ten year anniversary of being a band so we both know what it feels like to be getting old.

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MOSH: Did you ever go to Slamdunk as a punter?

GN: I’ve never been to Slam Dunk. It’s great that the first time I’m going we will be playing.

MOSH: Are there any other bands you’re excited to check out over the weekend?

GN: Reel Big Fish was on warped tour last summer and I got to watch them a few times. They have a fun set, I’m sure I’ll watch them again.

MOSH: Are you planning anything special for the festival?

GN: Playing some new tunes!

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