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Slamdunk Festival Firsts: Billy Howard – Puppy

We had a quick chat with Billy Howard of London trio Puppy to find out what they’re expecting from their very first Slamdunk Festival next month.


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If you were to think of the perfect Slamdunk Festival band with the heavy spins and melodic rock then London trio Puppy should be top of your list. Their impressive debut track ‘Forever’ came out at the beginning of 2015 and ever since then they’ve been on the up. Their debut album Vol II came out last summer and it showcased the bands experimental side combining multiple genres making count like a mix between Nirvana and Rage Against The Machine (without the spoken word element).

Having smashed the festival circuit last year at 2000 trees and Download Festival it’s about time they made it to Slamdunk and 2017 see’s them play their very first year.

We had a quick chat with Billy Howard from the band to find out what’s in store for their premiere Slamdunk Festival performance.

Mosh: There’s only about 2 months’ to go until Slam Dunk Festival, how are you preparing for the festival?
Billy: We’re doing a lot of touring between now and then, plus playing tons of basketball. Everyone is working hard on their slam-dunks, Jock has a pretty dope 360 between the legs going on.

Mosh: As it’s your first time playing how excited are you to play?
B: We’re pretty much as excited as it’s possible to be. This is like the christmas where I got an N64 and the year I got some Bauer rollerboots, all rolled into one.

Mosh: Do you have any expectations of the festival in the lead up to the weekend?
B: Besides all the basketball, I expect it to be a lot of fun. The fact it moves to three different parts of the country is really cool.

Mosh: What does it mean to you to be asked to play Slam Dunk?
B: It’s awesome to be asked, from the jump we’ve wanted to play alongside bands of all the various genres we like and it’s killer to be included on this lineup.

Mosh: The festival has come a long way since its inception just over a decade ago, does the festival have any special meaning to you as a band?
B: I guess I’ve always known people who’ve gone to Slam Dunk and for many of them it was the highlight of their year. A bunch of people got in touch with me when it was announced that we were playing to say congrats, and ask for guest list, I deleted them all off Facebook, naturally.

Mosh: Did you ever go to Slam Dunk as a punter?
B: Honestly, no. All three of us are Slam Dunk virgins.

Mosh: Are there any other bands you’re excited to check out over the weekend?
B: Will is excited to watch the Ataris and sing along to all the words whilst crying.

Mosh: Are you planning anything special for the festival?
B: Depends if you consider a whole set of Dr Dre covers “special”…

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