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Slam Dunk South Is Moving To Hatfield Park. Here Are 4 Things We’ll Miss About The Old Site!

Our beloved Slam Dunk Festival is changing its South site to Hatfield Park. Check out what we’ll miss about the University Of Hertfordshire!

As we all know, our beloved one-day touring festival Slam Dunk is changing it’s South site this year. The alt-rock celebration is moving from the University of Hertfordshire’s campus to Hatfield Park! And although we’re excited to see bands like alt-rock legends Jimmy Eat World and Waldorf punk rockers Good Charlotte in the huge new site, we’re kinda sad that it’s an end of an era.

So with us saying farewell to the University of Hertfordshire, we decided to reminisce about some of the things that made Slam Dunk South so fun(ny). So here are some of the things that we’re going to miss!

  1. Getting lost while looking for various stages – Other than the main stage, we’re pretty much clueless every year about where anything is, which really screws with our perfectly timed schedule. Is it the indoor stage downstairs? The one upstairs or the one up-upstairs? Or the one near the one that’s downstairs? Outside? Near the pizza truck? Who the fuck knows! When you have 10 minutes to get to the Fireball stage, and you don’t know where it is, things get pretty really stressful!
  2. Getting stuck outside of the indoor venues because they are at maximum capacity – ok, so we never thought we’d miss this, but it was always hilarious getting caught in a traffic jam with other festivalgoers. There was always that one band we had to X off of our list because we couldn’t get in to see them. It was a Slam Dunk tradition!
  3. Queuing basically in another country for the toilets – The rule of Slam Dunk is to always pee when you don’t need to pee. You have to plan your bathroom breaks in advance because if you wait until you’re full of cola or JD, you will not make it.
  4. Planning out your main stage spot with surgeon-like precision (especially when seeing the last headliner of the night) – You have to get to the main stage quickly so you can find a good spot that avoids: 1. couples who are fans of PDA, 2. large, inconsiderate trees that block your view, 3. people who smoke.

We’ve had some good times Hertfordshire Uni. We’ll see you at the after party!

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