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Slam Dunk Ruled! Here Are 4 Things We Loved About The New South Site!

Slam Dunk Festival was incredible and the new South site impressed us all! Check out the 4 things we loved about it!

Source: Jemma Dodd

Our beloved Slam Dunk festival was just this last weekend, but it feels like an eternity ago! We are already missing the loud riffs, the sweaty mosh pits, and the sea of alt kids and vans. And South’s new Hatfield Park site couldn’t have been cooler (in vibe, not temperature. It was hot as hell). And since we’re going to spend the next couple of weeks missing the rock fest, we thought we’d reminisce about Slam Dunk South 2018 and highlight a few of the reasons why the new site rules!

  1. It’s much bigger – The festival site is huge. You can actually walk around and get to places! Do you know how refreshing it is to be able to actually walk around Slam Dunk Festival?! We didn’t have to do the “excuse me” walking into people thing. The hurried, underground-esque journey to the other stages is no more!
  2. Great viewing spots – The site is so big, and the stages are set out so well (although quite far from each other) that viewing bands isn’t as stressful as it usually is! You can stand at the side, the back, the front or the middle and you can still see the stage! (Note: some tall people ruin this almost-perfect system!)
  3. The tented stages are the perfect hideouts – We were all hyperventilating from the sun/heat on Sunday (and sweating literal buckets), and the tented stages were the perfect shade!
  4. The food! – Ok, so the food was probably the same as always, but everything was just so good! The pizza! The chips! The burritos! Slam Dunk food is always satisfying!

Slam Dunk south, we loved every moment of the day and night—even if we were soaked in sweat. Until next year.

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