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Six Rock Goes Pop Covers You Should Listen To Right Now!

Check out six of the rock goes pop covers we think you should listen to right now! Warning: They may be better than the original.

Lights Scorpion

Source: Soundcloud

Everyone has been talking about Drake’s latest album Scorpion. The Canadian rapper attracts massive attention with every release, but Scorpion has been something else! Some people may love it, and some may hate it, but everyone is talking about it. And no one is enjoying it quite like Canadian alt-rocker Lights. The electro-rock musician has covered the entire B Side of Scorpion.

Check out her covers here:

Lights’ beautiful, angelic renditions of the tracks have got us thinking about some of our favourite rock goes pop covers. This was a hard list to make because we all know that no one does covers quite like alternative artists, but we managed to put together a few of our favourites. Check them out below!

[tw_list no=”1″]‘Nice For What’ – Lights (Drake cover)[/tw_list]

Lights did an amazing job turning Drake’s upbeat tunes into dreamy, acoustic masterpieces, so we had to give her a spot on the list! Lights is one of those artists that transcend musical genres. From her very alternative Warped Tour roots to her imaginative album/comic book series Skin & Earth, Lights can do it all—and she does it well. Her delicate cover of ‘Nice For What’ maintains the song’s original catchiness while highlighting her unique, feathery vocals.

[tw_list no=”2″]‘Africa’ – Weezer (Toto cover)[/tw_list]

Ok, so we all know that ‘Africa’ is one of the greatest songs ever made. We have never heard anyone express their distaste for the infectious, upbeat track. It is impossible to dislike ‘Africa’. IMPOSSIBLE! So when a fan spent months rallying to make Cali alt-rockers Weezer cover the tune, the band kindly obliged. And it is magnificent.

The band stayed true to the classic track but added in some punchy power chords and subtle indie flourishes.

[tw_list no=”3″]‘Over My Head (Cable Car)’ – A Day To Remember (The Fray cover)[/tw_list]

Everyone always gives attention to ADTR’s Kelly Clarkson cover, but no one mentions their punchy, energetic rendition of The Fray’s 2005 classic ‘Over My Head’. The upbeat cover features spirited punk riffs, Jeremy McKinnon’s classic growls, and crunchy, thick metalcore embellishments—and dammit, it works!

[tw_list no=”4″]‘Born To Die’ – The Amity Affliction (Lana Del Rey cover)[/tw_list]

The Amity Affliction’s cover of ‘Born To Die’ is one of our absolute favourite rock covers. The lively track features the band’s classic melodic metalcore style, chunky metal riffs, and a mixture of clean vocals and powerful growls.

[tw_list no=”5″]‘IDGAF‘– Brendon Urie/Panic! At The Disco (Dua Lipa cover)[/tw_list]

Brendon Urie could literally sing ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’, and we would give him a standing ovation. The man is beyond talented. And we only have one thing to say about this Dua Lipa cover: THE VOCAL RANGE!

[tw_list no=”6″]‘I Wanna Love You’ – The Maine (Akon cover)[/tw_list]

This track will always be one of our favourite covers. Pop-rockers The Maine have covered many tracks in their career, but their cover of Akon’s ‘I Wanna Love You’ from 2007 is a special one. This cover is the epitome of the pop-punk/emo scene in 2007. The low production quality, the electronic flourishes, the youthful high-pitched vocals… it’s all just so good!

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