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Should Bands And Musicians Get Political?

Given their platform, and a following which could often times be impressionable, should bands and musicians be getting political?

PVRIS Planned Parenthood

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In the age of the internet, more than ever, musicians have a massive platform on which they are able to spread awareness. Bands like Senses Fail have become advocates of spreading awareness of political issues through both their lyrics and social media. Though they get a fair amount of hate from those who don’t have the same views, the band do not ever stray away from sharing knowledge about the issues they believe in. Or similarly, Panic! At The Disco and PVRIS have both recently launched charity shirts to benefit Planned Parenthood. Undoubtedly these bands have alienated some of their fans in the process of doing so, but it is a truly beautiful thing to believe in something and stand for it.

However, it isn’t always the case that bands are spreading a message or a cause you can get behind. With quite a big portion of fanbases being young and impressionable, it raises the question, should musicians be getting political and spreading their views? It seems that a lot of people are on board with bands sharing their political views, that is of course until it is a view they cannot directly relate with. This is why the whole ordeal is such a touchy matter, especially from a perspective where you do not agree on the message a band is spreading. From what we believe, if they are educated on a matter then they should absolutely go for it.

Having been given the platform where they can inspire and multiple individuals at a time, it is so crucial for bands to educate themselves before sending out information that may or may not influence the way other people think. Because at the end of the day, circulating misleading facts is extremely harmful when there is a possibility that thousands of followers could follow in their footsteps. Yet, if a band finds themselves passionate about a cause, has read up on it and want to raise awareness for it, then we applaud them. We are all here to learn, and given their platform, if a band wants to help educate (as well as be open to being educated), we have all the respect in the world for them.

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