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Seven Reasons Why We’re Excited For Blink-182’s UK Tour

Blink-182’s UK tour is almost upon us. Here are just some of the many reasons why we’re excited!


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Pop-punk royalty Blink-182 will be hitting our shores in July to play a string of UK shows. Now, saying we’re excited is obviously the understatement of the year, because, come on, it’s Blink!

And obviously, we were going to write one of these this-is-why-we’re-so-excited features about their upcoming tour. And well, we don’t disappoint. So without further ado, here’s our monthly “we love Blink” feature—tour edition.

  1. Quality – Without Tom, we’re definitely expecting a pretty flawless live show—we’ve heard Matt Skiba sing Blink songs acoustically, so we know he’s good!
  2. The production – We’re not going to lie, we hold Blink to a much higher standard than most bands, so we’re definitely expecting wild, dramatic pyrotechnics! We’re talking fire, animals, a fountain, fireworks, a bouncy castle! We want the whole shebang!
  3. Travis Barker – We’re excited to see all 3 members of Blink, but seeing as the last few performances Blink did in the UK only included Mark and Matt, we’re looking forward to seeing the legend that is Travis Barker.
  4. Weirder and wittier banter – We’re expecting the band to be on their worst behaviour. After all, it is their first proper UK show in a good while. We want nothing less than ridiculous!
  5. ‘Josie’ – This classic is on their setlist most of the time, so there’s a good chance we’ll be hearing it in July. But, hey Blink, if you are thinking of scrapping it from the list, we just want to make it 100% clear: WE WANT TO HEAR JOSIE. We would like nothing more than to sing about a Sombrero-supplying girlfriend at your show!
  6. New tunes – We’re excited to hear songs from California—mainly the punchy, sing-along-inducing ‘Sober’. We’re also really looking forward to jamming to ‘Bored To Death’ and ‘She’s Out Of Her Mind’.
  7. Mark Hoppus’ wise, and most of the time self-deprecating, words – Mark loves to take the piss out of himself more than he likes to take the piss out of other people. And we know that his onstage banter will be filled with many, “how did I forget how to play my own song” moments, and jokes about someone’s mum. We adore you, Mark.

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