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5 Reasons To See Your Favourite Band Abroad

Fangirling isn’t continent-specific, y’know.

See Your Favourite Band Abroad

See Your Favourite Band Abroad – Source: Pixabay

Nowadays, the majority of a band or artist’s income comes from live performances. Touring the world is essential to them; this could be the excuse you need to tick some things off your bucket list and see your favourite band abroad.

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through your favourite band’s list of tour dates wishing you could see them somewhere a little different? Bored of finding yourself in the same venues year after year? Well, we’re here to tell you that you should most definitely book that flight to that place you’ve never been and see them abroad instead.

Smaller Venues

Even if a band is playing arenas in the UK this doesn’t always mean this will be the case everywhere. Many will still be performing in more intimate venues. Google the capacity of the venues you’re interested in and find the smallest. There aren’t many things better in life than getting to see a band you love somewhere way more intimate than you know they normally play, so grab the opportunity if you get the chance.

Cheaper Tickets

It may seem obvious but it’s an important point – if the venues are smaller the ticket prices will be too! If exchange rates are working in your favour it can seem even better value for money too. With all that spare money, go to two shows instead of one, or treat yourself to some merch you otherwise might have said was too expensive. Go on, treat yourself.

Better Weather 

This one depends on where and at what time of year you’re traveling, but if you time it right you could be whisked away from the grey UK skies for a few days. This is a huge bonus if you’re planning to get to the venue early to ensure you get a good spot down the front. No-one enjoys having to turn up at a gig slightly damp. Plus, your Instagram photos will make everyone soo totally jealous.

See Your Favourite Band Abroad

See Your Favourite Band Abroad – Source: Shotaway

A Greater Chance Of Meeting Them

If you’re visiting a place the band hasn’t spent a lot of time in before, there’s a good chance they will have a few hours spare to look around the local area. If you do manage to bump into them, there’ll probably be more chance of being able to speak to them without many other people recognising them too – perfect! And if they are performing in a fairly small venue, there’s also a good chance they may stop to meet fans when they arrive or leave. Definitely worth a few hours of waiting around for, right? Don’t worry, we’ve already established it’s going to be a beautifully sunny day.

Make A Holiday Of It

Of course, the main aim of the trip is to see your favourite artist but if you have time why not make a holiday of it? Even a long weekend would give you plenty of time to explore local tourist attractions and tick another city/country off your bucket list. We can’t think of a better way to spend our time! So, what are you waiting for? Book those tickets and thank us later.

If you’re feeling a little bit daring, why don’t do something crazy and attend a gig by yourself?

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