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Screech Bats ‘Wish You Were Her’ In The Studio | Exclusive Feature

Screech Bats recently self-released their sophomore EP Wish You Were Her, and we’ve got an exclusive look at their studio diary. Take a peek here.

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Screech Bats

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Punk Rock Quartet Screech Bats recently self-released their sophomore EP Wish You Were Her (30th March 2018). As the follow-up to 2016’s self-titled extended play, vocalist Esme Baker explains it’s inspiration: “It’s about women who have, for entirely different reasons, had a profound impact on my life, but are no longer in it. Including a feminine face in the artwork to mirror the title but somehow censor the eyes, gives the character anonymity, making whoever we are talking about a total enigma.”

Reminiscent of the artwork of their debut, but more refined, it serves to highlight the maturity that the quartet’s music has found in the past 2 years. Recording with James Routh of Sonic Boom Six, often until the early hours in a Blackpool rehearsal room, the band opted to strip back to a rawer form of their sound. The result is a heart-on-sleeve alternative rock with punk rock roots, topped off with distinctly British vocals à la Lower Than Atlantis; the influence of the likes of Against Me! and Jimmy Eat World is clear. Now the band are here to give us an insight into the recording of the EP…

“Prior to us heading to the studio we demoed a bunch of tracks on Kit’s trusty Garage Band. We had a rough idea which ones we wanted to record already, but having them demoed just sort of confirmed to us that we picked the right tracks. Originally 2 of the tracks on the EP went in the bin, but we talked Kit round and ended up recording them for the EP.

James Routh (Sonic Boom Six) is a friend of ours and we had all wanted to work together from the moment Screech Bats formed. Unfortunately, due to the distance between London and Blackpool it didn’t work out. I mean no offence to Blackpoolians but we weren’t keen on making the journey back and forth… until we FINALLY got our shit together and trekked the gruelling journey to the north at the end of last year to make this record together!

It was freakin’ awesome. We rented out ‘Rock Hard’ studios, a recording and rehearsal studio complex, for the first 3 days to track all instruments. We had the whole place to ourselves and could come and go as we pleased. We found staying away from home comforts and our own beds to be super inspiring. We literally blocked out the world for 5 days, it was fucking glorious. No distractions. Most days we ended up recording into the early hours of the morning because we were on such a roll and the Jack was flowing.” 

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