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Our Top 6 Rock Songs From Movies, Inspired By The System Of A Down/Wolf Of Wall Street Mash-Up

Check out our list of the top rock ‘n roll movie soundtracks, inspired by the viral Wolf of Wall Street/System of a Down mash up.

Source: Movie Screenshot

Have we entered the twilight zone? Nope, that IS actually Leonardo Di Caprio becoming intimately acquainted with some classic System of a Down lyrics in a fan-made video of a genius Wolf of Wall Street/Chop Suey mash up. The viral video shows Leo’s character (Jordan Belfort) getting his debauched team of Wall Street Traders ready for action in a rousing team talk.

He thumps his chest like Tarzan, hits himself over the head with a microphone and orders his co-workers to “grab a brush and put on a little make-up” in a manner so convincing that he gives SOAD front-man Serj Tankian a run for his money. This absolute gem of a video has been keeping us at Hit The Floor amused recently, getting us thinking about some of our fave rock music/movie combinations. So, in honour of Serj, Leo and co, we’ve put together a lovely little list of some of the best alternative/rock tracks to have appeared in movies. Check them out using the navigation!

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