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Being As An Ocean: Your New Love!

We think you’ll love Being As An Ocean, read here to find out why!

Are you ready for your music world to gain a new obsession? You should be. Here at HTF we’re happy to unleash a must listen your way. Being As An Ocean are ready to challenge your favourites and take their place. Formed back in 2011 Californian American Rockers collected together to create music that speaks out to humanity.

The band has faced some changes over their three years together; In 2013, Shad Hamawe and Jacob Prest left the band due to wanting to pursue lives outside of the band. Connor Denis, formally from the band Sleep Patterns, joined the band as their new drummer. And, Michael McGough, from the band The Elijah, was also announced as the new guitarist for the band. On February 25, they revealed the album art of their sophomore album, How We Both Wondrously Perish.

With their intriguing metal and punk-rock style, each  of their tracks delves between Joel Quartuccio’s hardcore roars, and beautiful harmonies. Both of which serve well to shine a light on the angst with the bands music, but the hope they have for us all. Offering an intellectual perspective through their music, your mind will be blown. Each track works to understand why psychologically we do what we do, and how we should replace the selfishness, and the heartache with understanding and hope. Maybe then, we will not perish.

How We Both Wondrously Perish is available through Itunes, and we strongly advise you invest sometime to listen and get involved with the band. A worthwhile listen we can assure you.

Being As An Ocean’s latest single ‘L’exquisite Douleur’ translation of wanting someone, you know you cannot have. The song tells the tale extremely well. Featuring a warming breakdown towards the end of the track, highlighting the clean vocals. Check out the video below!

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