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New Year, Same Me | Resolutions Suck. Here Are 7 Things We Hope Stay The Same In 2018!

It’s almost the new year, which means everyone already has their list of resolutions – except us. Here are 7 things we hope stay the same in 2018!


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It’s almost the new year, which means it’s almost time for the annoying “new year, new me” crap that everyone decides to adopt as soon it hits December. And although we here at MOSH are all about improving ourselves, we don’t agree with the drastic resolutions that some people decide to stick to. Now we’re not talking about the “go to the gym 3 times a week” ones because let’s face it, who ever sticks to those? We’re talking about the personality/life altering ones. And since there will no doubt be 100 articles about which resolutions to make this year, we decided to write a feature about the 7 things we hope stay the same in the new year. Resolutions suck.

  1. We hope PVRIS never go into technicolour. Their black and white emo theme is on point (and brand) and we wouldn’t want them any other way! If the trio ain’t looking like something out of the Beetlejuice movie, they ain’t our PVRIS.
  2. Mark Hoppus must remain the hilarious, immature adult-child that he is forever. We don’t want the next Blink album to be where they “really mature” and “write music for their age”. We want the stupid. We want the inappropriate. We want the Blink!
  3. Hayley Williams must always remain the queen of pop punk/pop rock. Yes, this means vans—always—weird and wonderful hair colours, and definitely some of the killer 80s-inspired digs that she has been sporting in this After Laughter era.
  4. We complain a lot, but we really couldn’t deal with our favourite pop-punk bands becoming anything other than their same old, summer-adoring, optimistic riff-loving, bouncy selves. Please don’t give up pop punk and become bands that play genres that begin with subjects and end with “core”.
  5. Panic!’s frontman Brendon Urie is known for his theatrics, and we’re big fans of the theatrical. Brendon Urie, please remain your epic, over-the-top-but-in-the-best-possible-way self forever. 2018 is not the year that you become the boring pop-rock musician.
  6. One of the (many) reasons we love The Maine is because of their incredible work ethic and love of their fans. The band do so much for their fanbase, and we adore them for it. We hope they remain the same considerate band in the new year!
  7. We hope that our beloved one-day touring festival Slam Dunk remains the same fun, sweaty and panic-inducing (because of those damn stage times) party that it always is! (Actually, can we change it a little and avoid all the major clashes? K. Cool!)

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