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Move Aside Clarkson! HTF Have Chosen Some New Top Gear Presenters!

HTF throws up five choice names who would be a marvellous replacement for Jeremy Clarkson on top Gear

Source: Top Gear/Francis Jolley

Speculation is at its most ripe over the future of the BBC’s flagship motoring show Top Gear after the sacking of long time host Jeremy Clarkson. Names such as Dermot O’Leary, Adrian Charles and Steve Coogan are just some of the names floating around the forums of the interweb. But who are HTF’s best candidates to take the driving seat of the one of the biggest TV shows on the planet? Some may very well shock you, but guys remember, if a Geordie (half blind) white rap duo can become the nation’s Saturday night favourites (we’re looking at you, Ant n Dec)… anything can happen. Source: Francis Jolley

Chris Evans

The ginger haired motor-mouth has had his name floated around since the Clarkson departure. He is renowned for his car enthusiasm, he has owned over four sports car in his time. So imagine what he could inject into the Top Gear brand. He has always been a man who isn’t afraid to be one of he lads , so surely he will fit in with the on screen ‘banter’ that Top Gear has become so fondly known for. Source: Francis Jolley

Dick Dastardly

If you want a man who knows his cars and doesn’t have to play nice. Look no further than Mr Dick Dastardly. The man is quite simply a legend, whether he is racing across 2d highways on another one of those Whacky Races or pursuing the delectable Penelope Pitstop, Dastardly is always on good form. Whether or not he will be allowed to take Mutley along with him, is down to the BBC tight canine presenting restrictions and whether or not he holds a valid pet passport for those foreign shoots. This was sadly why Goldie was never formally invited to be a presenter of Blue Peter. Source:Francis Jolley

Speedy Gonzales

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The BBC may feel that this is a good opportunity to smooth the ill feeling from the citizens of Mexico, after Clarkson accused the nation of being “lazy, feckless, flatulent oafs with moustaches“. One famous Mexican who isn’t extraordinarily lazy is Speedy Gonzalez. He can bring his previous car experience from Spanish Volkswagen Golf commercials and his amazing speed to rival The Stig as one to watch in any race and surely this rapid rodent will get on famously with the Hamster.

Top Gear hosted by Andi Peters

Source:Francis Jolley

Andi Peters

The show has been accused of lacking any ethnic diversity, so who better to return to his roots at the good ol’ BBC than Andi Peters? The Broom cupboard legend, has buffed up physically quite a bit since his 90’s heyday. The Ejector Seat host can deliver some extra campness to the show and isn’t a stranger to being surrounded by oil and rubber – as he has visited many a car boot sale whilst presenting Wheel Of Cash for Good Morning Britain. Source: Francis Jolley

Mrs Brown

Mrs Brown’s Boys can do no wrong. It won Best Comedy at the National Television Awards and can boast ratings of up to 11 million in the UK, almost  double of Top Gear! Surely a lady on Top Gear will certainly ruffle a few feathers and especially a lady as beautiful as Mrs Brown. Her family can make the odd cameo and some hilarious buffoonery will be a lovely refreshing break from the laddish bullying that Top Gear can be at its most crueller episodes. It would also drive Jeremy Clarkson insane…Mrs Brown’s Boys Da Top Gear! ‘ere we come.

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