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MOSH’s Picks Of The Week Featuring New Music From Glassjaw, Trivium And More

Want to know what we’re jamming to this week? Here are our top 5 new music video releases that we think you should be checking out too.


Source: YouTube

With so much music being constantly churned out we know how difficult it canbe to keep up. If you’re looking for a quick fix, check out our top picks of the week – if you were going to listen to anything, make sure you’re not missing out on the below.

badXChannels – Memory

badXchannels showcases Craig Owens‘ more experimental, rhythm-based side of alternative music, and now his new musical endeavour has grown. Joining him is musician and friend Trent Clark of RadioDriveBy. Following the announcement of their collaboration, they have also unveiled a new track ‘Memory’, which you can check out below.

The Bronx – Side Effects

The Bronx‘s latest music video was directed by Christian Jacobs, the co-creater of Yo Gabba Gabba, which in itself is an intriguing start! “The idea is loosely based on an old video game called ‘Night Trap’ where aliens invade a sexy slumber party and you have this cool, room-to-room, live-action scenario in which you try to save the day. The song is about dealing with the side effects of life as a musician/artist; all the things you never saw coming. After finishing a recent UK tour, we flew into Philly to rehearse and shoot the video in two days, and the excitement and inspiration, mixed with delirium and exhaustion, only seemed to add to the authenticity of the song’s lyrical content. This video is truly a labor of love, just like music/art/life should be.” shares the band.

Glassjaw – Shira

Following the release of the acclaimed Material Control, the band’s first release in 15 years, Glassjaw have unveiled their brand new music video for the track ‘Shira’. If you want to know what the band’s first music video in 15 years looks like, here’s where you need to look.

Chase Atlantic – Numb To The Feeling

Following the announcement of their new single ‘Numb To The Feeling’, it didn’t take too long for Chase Atlantic‘s latest music video to follow suit. The video was directed by the band’s long time photographer/ collaborator Ryan Watanabe, and you can give it a watch right here.

Trivium – Endless Night

Trivium‘s latest track ‘Endless Night’ is taken off their acclaimed recent release – eighth studio album The Sin And The Sentence. Shot in Orlando, the video is definitely a great visual experience to say the least. This also comes in line with Trivium’s current UK tour with Code Orange, Power Trip and Venom Prison that started April 16th.

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