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Mosh 2017 Albums Of The Year

2017 has thrown a lot of new music to the world so check out which albums have reigned top with the Mosh team.

album of the year

2017 has been a fantastic year for music with loads of smaller up and coming bands releasing killer debut and sophomore albums right through to the more established of the bunch. Pop- punk showed no signs of slowing down and instead we were given a plethora of new albums to listen to.

While there is variety in the top albums across the Mosh team two albums reigned supreme taking top spot for two of our writers.

Read on to find out what we’ve been loving.

Seaway - Vacation

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Seaway – Vacation

It’s not every day that I use the words “distinctive” or “unique” when describing pop punk, but I’m about to now. With their distinguishing, raw emo-punk sound, Seaway has delivered one of the best albums of the modern pop punk scene (and my album of the year). Seaway have always had a talent for making catchy tunes with interesting, punchy melodies and even punchier lyrical content, but their third album Vacation has really raised the bar. Fueled by the band’s feisty emo edge, Vacation is the album that other modern pop punk bands should take inspiration from.

2. The Maine – Lovely Little Lonely
3. Broadside – Paradise
4. Pvris – All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell
5. Paramore – After Laughter
By Brooke Mufasta

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While She Sleeps – You Are We

The astoundingly brilliant follow up to Brainwashed was a complete shock to every sense. Fuelled by immense power and supercharged by crowd-tantalising levels of melody, You Are We has since catapulted While She Sleeps to the forefront of British metal. 2017 has well and truly being Sleeps’ year, and the Steel City boys deserve every ounce of success they receive in the future. YORKSHIRE! YORKSHIRE! YORKSHIRE!

2. Trivium – The Sin And The Sentence
3. Mastodon – Emperor Of Sand
4. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Modern Ruin
5. Stick To Your Guns – True View
By Luke Smith

Citizen As You Please

Source: Album Artwork

Citizen – As You Please

Citizen have come a long way since their heavily pop punk debut Youth, which was an outstanding album in its own right, but throughout the past few years the band have proven time and time again that they are a band you can continually grow up with. Their progression is noticeable and although not quite as drastic as the one from Youth to Everybody Is Going To Heaven, it definitely showcases a bigger and better sound. The focus remains on the more melodic aspects, but leave it to Citizen to always add a bit of their edgy touch. The polished album feels effortless, even as it contains some of the band’s best material to date.

2. Have Mercy – Make The Best Of It
3. Sorority Noise- You’re Not As _____ As You Think
4. Turnover – Good Nature
5. Tigers Jaw – spin
By Santhi Weiss

the maine

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The Maine – Lovely Little Lonely

The Maine are an ultimate fave of mine so there’s no way I was going to have any negative thoughts on their latest release, but Lovely Little Lonely is a well rounded album which reflects their more sophisticated grown up sound – but with a pinch of their pop punk past too.

2. Home Wrecked – When All Goes Wrong
3. Slow – Sport
4. Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes – Modern Ruin
5. The Killers – Wonderful Wonderful
By Louise Joy

Seaway - Vacation

Source: Album Artwork

Seaway – Vacation

Seaway have an excellent year, supporting the likes of Four Year Strong, Simple Plan and Silverstein. At the very pinnacle of all that success lies their third studio album, Vacation, which was a revolutionary feat in the much oversaturated pop-punk scene. Instead of following the same old stylings that every other band has been using, Seaway produced an innovative sound on this record that saw them stand out from the crowd. It has huge hooks and brilliant lyrics, truly making it one of the best pop-punk albums of the year. Particularly brilliant tracks are ‘London’ and ‘Curse Me Out’, which both use themes reminiscent of their chosen genre’s forefathers in the 90’s while simultaneously putting a fresh new spin on it.

2. Paramore- After Laughter
3. Lower Than Atlantis – Safe In Sound
4. The Maine – Lovely Little Lonely
5. Decade- Pleasantries
By Madison Convey

Source: Album Artwork

While She Sleeps – You Are We

What can be said about the latest While She Sleeps record that you haven’t already heard? It’s a behemoth of a metalcore album. It takes what you already knew and loved about the band and manages to somehow improve upon it to create a record that is musically, lyrically, and vocally pretty much untouchable. It’s a record that has taken WSS from a great band to a genre defining one.

2. Malevolence – Self Supremacy
3. Neck Deep – The Peace And The Panic
4. Wage War- Deadweight
5. Thy Art Is Murder- Dear Desolation
By Kris Pugh

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