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Monster New Years Eve Party Playlist

MOSH select no less than 101 of the most rocking tracks to party out of 2015 and into 2016 with! Crank up your speakers, piss of your neighbours, delight your friends and check out our playlist inside…

As the year races towards it’s end, many of you will be planning the most rock & roll parties imaginable. Lot’s of booze, lots of food and probably some sort of unexpected bedroom dalliance between two of the guests. However, the high-energy party antics, boozing, awkward fumblings and general celebration will need a soundtrack to delight your friends and piss off your neighbours won’t it?

Well, fear no more, here at MOSH, we picked no less than 101 songs for your change of the year banger.

Turn it up loud and lose your shit, it’s time to make like Andrew WK and PARTY FUCKIN’ HARD!

We’ll see you on the other side for another year of news, features, interviews and reviews for true alternative music lovers.

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